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Yezidism Not a Religion?

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Subject: (Z) Yezidism Not a Religion?
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 12:18:40 -0800 (PST)

49990204 IIIom Hail Satan!

as I have occasionally done for the last few years when this 
subject comes up in private email, I turned on the MaGI 
Networking page, now at:

and this is what it gave me on the 'religion' of yezidism:

[from ]

[an excerpt]

   The word Yezidi is derived from the Farsi word of Yazdan (sun)
   attesting to the Yezidi's sun worshipping and Zoroastrian
   religious beliefs. the Yezidi Kurds defied the Islamic movement
   in the 7th century choosing to preserve their "pagan Zoroastrian"
   way of life.

   Yezidi Kurds have various traditions which are very close to that
   of Christianity, explains Dr Karlen Chachani.

   With traces of the Islamic, Christian and Zoroastrian religious
   religious influences, the Yezidi religion is ruled by Sheikhs,
   who are descendants of the Arab Moslem Sheikhs who were sent to
   the Kurdish villages to propogate Islam, but were converted to
   Yezidism. This is why many Yezidi Sheikhs are of Arab origin. The
   Yezidi holy bible, Kitabi-Jalwa, is dedicated to Malek Tavous
   (Grand Peacock), and the Yezidi religious hierarchy separates
   into four distinct positions of Mires, Sheikhs, Pires (believed
   to be descendants of Malek Tavous) and Merides.

   The Sheikhdom tradition, passed on from brother to brother, or
   from father to son, discourages followers from education, which
   they believe takes them away from "the Yezidi traditions".
   Customarily Sheikhs only marry into other Sheikh families, and in
   the event that there are no available women to marry, the Sheikhs
   wait for the availabilty of a widowed woman. The Sheikhs deeply
   influence their followers, and are thus generously compensated
   for their religious services with donations of such currently
   scarce goods as gold, money, dairy products and livestock.

   The six sects of Yezidi Sheikhdom are Sheik Rash (arch Sheikh of
   Sanjar, Iraq, where the seat of Yezidid religion sits); Sheikh
   Shamsa; Sheikh Sheikesan; Sheikh Obeker; Sheiikh Biske (taking
   its name from the Yezidi tradition of baptising a child by
   cutting the child's hair for good luck) and Sheikhs Sadjadin or

   In an interview with Sheikh Hasane' (AIM May 1992) he emphasised
   how some Yezidi intellectuals consider it advantageous to be part
   of the 20 million Kurdish nation. However, he stated that Yezidis
   are a separate nation as Yezidism cannot be considered the name
   of the religion only, because no nation in the world is named
   after its religion. He further claimed that the Yezidi alphabet
   is the alphabet of the Yezidi people, as there are no religious


comments?  corrections?

blessed beast!
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