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Minister's ID (Standard).   Professionally printed ID card
     with gold seal and space for you to type in your name and
     address information.   For a more professional look, you may
     have it laminated.   $5.00 suggested donation.

Press Pass
 Universal Life Press
     We put out a press card, which you can use to get into many
     places and meetings where you will be able to pick up a lot of
     information that you normally would not have access to. When
     you receive the press card, have your picture and fingerprint
     put on it.  $10 suggested donation.
Ministerial Car Pass
 ULC Parking Placard
     Window Shields. We offer a window shield, if you are a
     minister, or if you belong to the press. One side is for
     ministers, and the other for the press. Place this window
     shield in your car window or on your dash. It will help you
     with parking and will also help you get into many places.  The
     opposite side of the window shield is for the minister. When
     you go to hospitals, rest homes, etc., display this card in
     your windshield. It will tell people you are a minister of the
     U.L.C.  $10 suggested donation.
The Universal Textbook. This book is a must have for active
     ministers. It contains answers to 100's of questions ranging
     from forming your own congregation, how to perform wedding
     ceremonies (complete with information about marriage laws in
     all 50 of the United States), as well as tax and financial
     issues. Example forms and instructions are included, as well
     as full information about ULC courses, degrees, and
     certificates. The Universal Texbook also provides an
     interesting overview of the church, its mission and history.
     $10 suggested donation.
Certificates offered to Ministers. We offer a marriage
     certificate as well as a renewal of marriage certificate.
     Please check with the county clerk in the area where you, as
     an ordained U.L.C. minister, are going to perform a wedding.
     Laws vary.  Our "Affirmation of Love" certificate is for many
     people who wish to solemnize their relationship, but choose
     not to marry, or are prevented from doing so for legal
     reasons.  This would include same-sex couples.  $3 suggested
     donation per certificate. Baptism certificates are also
     available at 2/$1.
Affirmation of Love Certificate 
Certificate of Marriage

Degrees Offered by ULC
     The Universal Life Church offers several honorary degrees
     which you may wish to have. These degrees are not academic,
     and you do not need one to be a minister. We offer them
     because so many people wish to have them, primarily for ego
     gratification. We believe (and U.S. courts have confirmed)
     that degrees in such fields as religion and metaphysics are
     honorary. No one can be more of an expert than anyone else
     when it comes to such matters. After all, you are the world's
     foremost expert on what you believe!
     All of these degrees are "accredited" by the International
     Accrediting Association, which is fairly meaningless,
     especially given the honorary nature of the titles. But this
     is important for some who have always wanted to have an
     accredited degree!
     Upon issuance, degrees are recorded in the official records
     and may be verified by Universal Life Church Headquarters.
Doctor of Metaphysics. The church offers a course in
     Metaphysics. It is a doctrine of the invisible within the
     physical. This course is available for a donation of $20.00.
Doctor of Divinity. This honorary degree is accredited by the
     International Accrediting Association. To receive this degree,
     we ask for a free-will offering of $20.00.
Doctor of Religious Humanities. This course is in American
     Church Law and Parliamentary Procedure. This course is
     available for a free-will offering of $40.00.
Doctor of Religious Science. This course is concerned with
     motivational meditation, and helps you focus your powers of
     concentration and self control. This valuable knowledge is
     available for a free-will offering of $35.00.
Doctor of Motivation. This course deals with self-reliance and
     is designed to increase your confidence and capabilities. Upon
     successful completion of this course, 75% or higher on the
     final exam, you will be qualified to teach and conduct
     seminars on this subject. This course is available for an
     offering of $20.00.
Doctor of Universal Life. This course deals with the
     relationship of Church and State over the past 6,000 years.
     This course covers the origins of western religion as well as
     the conflicts between the ULC and the United States
     government. It's yours for a free-will offering of $20.00.
Doctor of Immortality This study gives one a better
     understanding of their own make-up and potential and is based
     on the book "A New Life--Do You Want It?" This degree is
     awarded upon successful completion, 75% or higher on the final
     exam, and is available for a minimum offering of $25.00.
Masters Degree in Religion. This is a wonderful course and it
     is also an accredited degree by the International Accrediting
     Association. Find out what Reverend Hensley believes about
     religion. If you wish to enhance your mind, send a free-will
     offering of $55.00. We will send you the book called "Man and
     World." Study it very carefully. Answer the questions on the
     back page. If you get 75% correct on the exam, we will grant
     you a Masters Degree in Religion.
Doctor of Philosophy in Religion. We offer a Ph.D. in
     religion. This course is available for a free-will offering of
     $100.00. Take this course, answer 75% of the questions
     correctly and we will grant you a Ph.D. in religion. People
     around the world have this degree.
S.O.U.L. Clinic Course. The science of understanding life,
     SOUL Clinic course is a course in psychology. This course
     deals with resources from many fields. This course does not
     entitle you to be a state certified psychologist. It qualifies
     you as a psychological counselor. This course consists of 12
     lessons, as well as two textbooks which you obtain locally.
     They are available in most libraries and bookstores. A SOUL
     Clinic License is issued upon completion of the course. This
     interesting course is a must for every active minister and is
     available for a free-will offering of $100.00.
A New Life--Do You Want It?. This is a great, inspiring book.
     If you want something to change your life, get this book. It
     will wake you up. We ask a free-will offering of $10.00.
The Universal Textbook. This book is a must have for active
     ministers. It contains answers to 100's of questions ranging
     from forming your own congregation, how to perform wedding
     ceremonies (complete with information about marriage laws in
     all 50 of the United States), as well as tax and financial
     issues. Example forms and instructions are included, as well
     as full information about ULC courses, degrees, and
     certificates. The Universal Texbook also provides an
     interesting overview of the church, its mission and history.
     $10 suggested donation.
Special Titles  
Certificate of Sainthood
     The following special titles may be conferred upon request and
     payment of $10 application donation.   When your title is
     granted, you will be presented with a beautiful certificate,
     imprinted with your name, gold ULC Seal.  You do not need a
     title, and you are free to call yourself by any title which
     accurately reflects the nature of your ministry.   However,
     many people wish to have a title which has been officially
     issued and recorded by ULC Headquarters.
     Applications for Sainthood will also be considered.   To
     apply, submit the name and address of the person you believe
     is deserving of this honor, along with the reason(s) why the
     person should be considered and your $10 application donation.
Currently available titles:
   Apostle of Humility
   Apostolic Scribe
   Arch Deacon
   Arch Priest
   Arch cardinal
   Ascetic Gnostic
   Bible Historian
   Father Field Missionary
   Flying Missionary
   Free Thinker
   Healing Minister
   High Priest
   High Priestess
   Lay Sister
   Minister of Music
   Minister of Peace
   Missionary Doctor
   Missionary Healer
   Missionary of Music
   Missionary Priest
   Most Reverend Christian
   Mother Superior
   Mystical Philosopher
   Orthodox Monk
   Parochial Educator
   Pastor General
   Pastoral Counselor
   Patriarch Peace Counselor
   Psychic Healer
   Religious Preacher
   Reverend Father
   Reverend Mother
   Right Reverend
   Saintly Healer
   Soul Therapist
   Spiritual Counselor
   Spiritual Healer
   Spiritual Warrior
   The Very Esteemed
   Universal Philosopher of Absolute Reality
   Universal Rabbi
   Universal Religious Philosopher


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