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Tsu T'ang Chi

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Subject: Re: Tsu T'ang Chi (169)
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 08:18:03 -0600

TC Nguyen  wrote in message
> Given name "Great Teacher Kie^'n Tánh". Sramana Nguyên Ho^.i
> wrote the stone inscription.
> Zen monk Ti.nh Tu praised :
> Te Shan of Lăng Châu
>   Outstanding from others.
> He served the Ancestors and Buddha,
> Is the method of praticing necessary ?
> Sun bright in the buddhist sphere
> Boat of compassion in the dukkha ocean.
> Who are his successors ?
> Hsueh Feng, Yen T'ou.

Hsueh Feng travelled with Yen T'ou and Ch'in Shan. In all,
he went to Mt. T'ou Tzu three times, and climbed Mt. Tung
nine times.  Later he called on Te Shan, and only then did
he smash the lacquer bucket.

One day he went along with Yen T'ou to visit Ch'in Shan.
They got as far as an inn on Tortoise Mountain (in Hunan)
when they were snowed in.  Day after day Yen T'ou just slept,
while Hsueh Feng constantly sat in meditation.

Yen T'ou yelled at him and said, 'Get some sleep!  Every day
you're on the meditation seat, exactly like a clay image.
Another time, another day, you'll fool the sons and daughters
of other people's families."  Feng pointed to his breast and
said, "I am not yet at peace here; I don't dare deceive
myself."  T'ou said, "I had thought that later on you would
go to the summit of a solitary peak, build a hut of straw,
and propagate the great teaching: but you're still making
such a statement as this."

Feng said, "I am really not yet at peace."  T'ou said, "If
you're really like this, bring forth your views one by one;
where they're correct I'll approve them for you, and where
they're wrong I'll prune them away for you."

Then Hsueh Feng related, "When I saw Yen Kuan up in the hall
bringing up the meaning of form and void, I gained an entry."
Yen T'ou said, "Henceforth for thirty years avoid mentioning
this."  Again Feng said, "When I saw Tung Shan's verse on
crossing the river [where he saw his reflection in the water],
I had an insight."  T'ou said, "This way, you won't be able
to save yourself."  Feng went on, "Later when I got to Te Shan
I asked, 'Do I have a part in the affair of the vehicle of the
most ancient sect, or not?' Shan struck me a blow of his staff
and said, 'What are you saying?'  At that time it was like the
bottom of the bucket dropping out for me."

Thereupon Yen T'ou shouted and said, "Haven't you heard it said
that what comes in through the gate is not the family jewels?"
Feng said, "Then what should I do?"  T'ou said, "In the future,
if you want to propagate the great teaching, let each point
flow out from your own breast, to come out and cover heaven
and earth for me."

At these words Hsueh Feng was greatly enlightened.  Then he
bowed, crying out again and again, "Today on Tortoise Mountain
I've finally achieved the Way! Today on Tortoise Mountain I've
finally achieved the Way!"

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