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True Will and Liberation

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Subject: True Will and Liberation
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 20:26:07 GMT

50001114 Vom

concerning matters of will, truth, and therefore Thelema.

> Do what thou wilst shall be the whole of the law

The word of Sin is restrictions
> I was thinking about true will...whether it is a static,non-
> changing,thing to be discovered,

static, changeless, object, discoverable, or...

> or rather a dynamic flexible path,dependant on time,situation etc.

dynamic, changeable, "path", circumstantial...

these sets are not the only possibilities. my understanding is that
the true will is not predestined, because it can be missed by the
individual, ignorant by virtue of the machinations of the elite.
it exists as a combination of factors within a probability-field. 
there are a number of options available to anyone with the interest, 
some requiring less effort than others to achieve. the 'true' are 
those which, if pursued, cannot be resisted by any who oppose one 
by virtue of their integrity with the cosmic will or tao. that is,
the true will can be capitalized upon by the aware, and is useless
to those whose actions are programmed, unintentional, and conditioned
by their culture (the wanderings of the somnambulist).

so, to choose between your selections: dynamic, changing, trajectories,
dependent upon time, situation, applied effort, irresistable by others.

> For example if i am hungry,it is at that time,my true will to 
> eat,so i do thus.I will not be hungry after i've eaten so my 
> true will would change again,depending on circumstance etc. 

it is only possible to determine what PROBABLY lies within the 
true will by observing the past. one will be able to discern the
expressions of will, those choices and actions which were actually
INTENTIONAL being the best standard of measure to assess one's
potential future achievements, along with intuitive direction.

while it may have been your true will to intentionally eat just
now, within our society at present eating does not require much
intentionality or power of will. were you on the streets as a
beggar in New Delhi or Kalighat (Calcutta), then you would be more 
able to assess your true will in this regard and would have to
examine your previous attempts at eating, your options before you,
your relative skills, and your intuitive soundings.

> Anybody have any thoughts on this?
it is always possible to state that it is one's true will to do
something. this is only a statement. the means of assessing whether
an action does in fact constitute a part of the true will of any
individual rests upon a variety of factors, some of which I'll
outline below:


		-- uniqueness 
		genius is demonstrated by originality of action;
		conditioning replicates a conformity; therefore
		uniqueness of behaviour is an indication of true
		will, or at least of intentionality.

		-- flexibility
		genius is adaptable to circumstance, living and
		present in the moment; conditioning is dry,
		formulaic, contrived and preformatted; therefore
		flexibility of approach is an indication of true
		will, or at least of intentionality.

		-- difficulty
		genius is undaunted by adversity; conditioning
		is supported by culture, conforms to convention,
		and preserves the status quo; therefore actions
		which are obviously difficult to undertake are
		more likely signs of intentionality, and perhaps
		true will.

Invoke me under my stars

> Love is the law,love under will
blessed beast!
(333 nigris) 
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