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Teaching Minors?

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From: lorax666 
Subject: Re: Teaching Minors?
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 00:15:05 GMT

50031220 vii om 

merrily met, kindred.

#># would you feel were some xtain zealot to go about behaving
#># the same way with YOUR child, proseletyzing xtianity to them 
#># behind your back, hm?

responsibly, I have contributed no humans to the planet.

however, I was as a child approached by many religious folx
and my mother and I often would discuss the interactions
that I'd had with them. generally she taught me to question
what they said and pit it against what I already knew. later
I learned philosophy and saw through all their fallacies.

whether my child or anyone else, my preference would be that
they were informed how to deal with zealots and given the
occasional demonstration around them for purposes of what I'd
call 'conversion-resistance'. inevitably groups can be fun
to join, but ultimately zealous groups are vampiric to 
individuals, and this is readily identifiable. with this kind
of insight, any child of mine would be ready to handle the
worst cultists.

as such, I don't mind interacting with children who actively
come to *me* for advice or asking questions about the 
universe. adults who *prey* on children should be stopped.

#> Is it proselytizing if the person has been asked to teach?

not as far as I'm concerned. where the instruction borders to
spiritual education, then the topic of relation to parents
would become part of my conversation with them (because one's
parents are such a big part of their life during childhood).

this might make plain what level of objection the parents may
have concerning the inquiry in question. sometimes conservative
parents drive their children to investigate the peculiar and
the wild. excursions into those realms can help balance out 
a wayward and/or lost child who is out-of-touch with their
parents' perspective. they may confirm their parents' views,
or discover a whole new vista of knowledge and benefit by it.

one of the benefits of the internet (available knowledge).
careful parents will keep their children close to hand, not
let them have access to channels for communicating with the
immoral, untrustworthy, and manipulating folx that may have
bad influences on their children. the wilds of the street
or the internet are apt to contain such individuals.

# The parents would feel so if they found out it was going 
# on behind their back, 

that's their problem. if they had a better relationship
with their child, not based on lies and deceptions,
duplicity and concealment, these kinds of things wouldn't
happen and there would be nothing to 'find out'.

# and it puts the person doing the covert teaching in a 
# rather sinister light irregardless of the religion.  

bring in the hemlock!

# Considering how much has been in the news lately about 
# child molestation and abuse being perpetuated under the
# shield of religion, a parent should exercise equal 
# oversight with regard to their child's religious 
# interests as they would with internet and other
# activities....  

this was my contention also. if the parent is acting
responsibly and has kept their kid impressionable so
as to continue control over them, shielding them
from the world in some way, then they will have to
set firm rules for the children to keep them from
straying across nefarious agents and the immoral.

# There are a lot of sickos out there, and such 
# predators hide under a variety of guises.

agreed. and some who get labelled 'predators' are
not actually acting as such (their involvement in
things strange and controversial bringing on their

blessed beast!


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