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Summoning...something went wrong

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.satanism
From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Re: Summoning...something went wrong
Date: 16 May 1997 09:17:55 -0700

49970516 AA1  Hail Satan!

Chief Justice :
> I need help. I was doing a summoning of a spirit. 

it would be helpful to know what method you used to summon the spirit,
what characteristics this spirit displayed, and why you were doing it.

>The spirit was successfully summoned and successfully least 
>I thought so.  

treating spirits in this way may be precisely the problem.  perhaps if
you had merely invited it with the condition that you wanted it to leave
later, then it would not have given you problems.  learn something from
the Spiritualists.  read Blavatsky or buy a Ouija board or something. ;>

>Now there is a cold spot in that room where I did the summoning and when
>everything is quiet breathing can be heard. 

sounds like it wants to scare you.  perhaps you offended it by trying to
order it around.

>Not only by me, even my friends were able to hear it. So I am not insane 
>at least.

ok, I'll assume you 1) are not joking, 2) aren't just trying to get 
information about something by asking for assistance, and 3) don't 
have a problem which should be handled by psychiatrists or physicians.
this kind of criteria is or was used by Roman Catholic Exorcists,
apparently (if the materials upon which 'The Exorcist' was based may
be believed).

>Got anybody a clue how to perform an excorcism? 

it is a connection between whoever threw the summoning (in this case
you) and a spirit which you called to you.  "exorcism" is typically
accomplished depending upon the particular mindset of the person who
is afflicted or the family and friends of same.  as I remember, it
usually includes most of the things done within Wiccan rituals, such
as the reclamation of territory ("sacred space"), extermination of
unwanted pests ("censing and aspurging"), and calling upon authorities
to enforce the new owner's will ("God", "Goddess", etc.).

sometimes there is a direct communication between the pest and the
magician ("be gone from me you evil daemon!"/"go away!").  sometimes
the individual who performs the rite must be vested with some sort of
authority hirself (a priest, a priestess, an Adepti, 3rd Degree, one
of the Popes, etc.).  however, usually there are warnings against
interacting in conversation with the pest, since if it came to bother
you then it may be smarter than you and it might teach you a lesson.

the only 'exorcism' I have ever performed of which I was aware took
a very different approach, but this may be because of my kinship
with the daemons (that's another option, find a fae or demonkind who
is willing to negotiate for you) was during a 'Houseblessing' at some
friends' new home.  we all noticed a presence beneath the stairwell
(it wound upward widdershins!) and the Houseblessing hadn't chased it
away.  so I spent the night there. ;>  funny thing that. I discovered
that the 'pest' was a dragon, a potent earth-spirit, chased from its
variety of homes and merely wanting someone to whom to tell hir stories.
so I stayed awake as long as I could listening to hir bedtime stories.
she was a beautiful being.  when I woke up the next morning she was
gone, and everyone noticed that the presence had disappeared.  she 
never gave my friends any more concern, but I was happy to have made 
hir acquaintance.

>I assume this spirt was never really banished and now I can't get 
>rid of it with the normal banish ritual.

the way I approach the situation spirits aren't something to treat
lightly like one might a toilet bowl: use them, flush, go away you
bad things, pour banish in the bowl and swish around, all done.
that so many "ceremonial magicians" disrespect them in the tradition
of Yahweh, Moses and Solomon after him does not please me nor does 
it please them.  as I see it you get what you deserve when one of
them decides it has had enough of being ordered around and begins
to give you some guff.  maybe next time you'll be more respectful,
take more care with offerings, and generally not come to expect the
pleasant services or gifts which these earth-spirits make available
in their generosity.

additional inquiries welcome (responses may be posted).

see  and  call: 408/2-666-SLUG!!!
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