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Spiritual Station and Power

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.consciousness.mysticism,talk.religion.newage,talk.religion.misc,alt.magick
From: nagasiva 
Subject: Spiritual Station and Power (was Master of the Temple Oath ...)
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 21:22:43 GMT

50010819 VI! Hail Satan! Hail Yes!

Joe Cosby:
>>> The only really pragmatically useful power is power over other people.

richard sprigg 
>>Nah, that palls rapidly.
>>If I had to chose one, I'd pick power over the self.

lovely choice, though I might state it differently ('power over'
offends the anarchistic sensibility and resistance to rulership,
at least for purists such as I, who wish even self-rule to be
eliminated in favour of self-understanding and self-acceptance). (Joe Cosby):
> Me too, sadly enough.

why so sad?

> Doesn't get you money.  Doesn't get you sex.  Doesn't get you fame.

what, I'm the one defending the mystical (e.g. Hermetic) paradigm too?! :>
the conventional notion of mysticism (perhaps a carrot to the materialist)
is that power-over-self, or at least power-with-respect-to-self provides
the mystic with access to the WILL OF THE DIVINE! that is, if you want
money, it's all yours! (but you may not want it any more once you've
achieved that fabulous Office) and if you want sex, it's all yours! (but
you may not want it any more once you've tasted the fabulous delights
of the Spirit). if you want fame, it's all yours!  but you will quickly
see the problems inherent to all of these, inclusive of having hordes of
cultists following you around and taking up your time and attention (i.e.
your responsibilities will multiply and your personal time and space will

> Power over the self and 50 cents will buy you a newspaper.  Except on
> Sunday.

this runs against most of the teachings of Hermeticism. it also runs
counter to many many mystical instructions the world over. power over
self is the GREATEST achievement! it is not something lamentable at
ALL! one learns the true placement of those items after which one was
but a lustful seeker.

now like I said, it may all be a carrot to get materialists to convert
to the non-physical paradigm which tends to impress upon the minds of
its adherents the importance of the Adepts and Masters of the tradition
that is promoting the doctrine. but it is my experience that mysticism,
properly pursued, does lead to greater self-satisfaction and whether or
not one is able to obtain a newspaper, fame, sex, or money, assumes 
FAR less importance in the consideration of the successful mystic
(some say because attachment or ignorance, depending upon which is being
demonized at the time, is transcended or loosened as primary).

this is why I wish to place before the Hermetic community the clear and
present value of COMPASSION (as compared to merely wisdom or knowledge):
it is my hope that, lessening one's lustful pursuits through glorified
ascetic rigour and transcendentalism, one may come *back* to the world
with love in the heart for those who truly deserve it (they who cannot,
because of their brain and vocal cords, such as slugs and eagles, speak
out in their own defense against the wall of flesh and feces which the
human race has sadly become).
blessed beast!

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