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Son Behind the Sun/Heliopolis, etc.

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Subject: Son Behind the Sun/Heliopolis, etc. (Was Re: On "I suppose" [was Running into ...]
Date: 30 Apr 1996 12:08:27 -0700


"J.D." :
|>|The sun has no shadow.
|>How do you know?

Joe Harkness :
|In order for the sun to have a shadow, you'd have to
|have a brighter celestial body positioned behind it!

precisely the notion behind some Egyptian (or pseudo-Egyptian)
cosmologies, the Great City of Heliopolis the visible sol, 
a mere gateway to the Perfect World beyond, which is much more
glorious, more exalted, etc., etc., than the ordinary sol.

commentary?  some equate Christ with the Sol (6/666/Tiphareth)
             the Son behind the Sun

"Wicce" (feminine) and "wicca" (masculine) is Anglo Saxon, not Celtic.  It
meant "bender," "sorcerer," "changer," with a neutral-to-negative
coloration, *not* "wise."  The Anglo Saxon word for "wise" was "wys" or
"wyz", as in "wizard," meaning "wise one."  Oh, and "wiccan" was
originally the plural, not the adjectival form. (Isaac Bonewits): alt.religion.druid
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