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The Temple of Set and Anti-Semitism

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.religion.orisha,alt.satanism
From: Kevin Filan 
Subject: The Temple of Set and Anti-Semitism
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 03:46:50 -0400

>===== Original Message From catherine yronwode  =====
>Kathy Latzoni wrote:
>> catherine yronwode  wrote:
>> > Mr. Scratch wrote:
>> > > Forrester wrote:
>> > >
>> > [etc.]
>> >
>> > I have been enjoying this ToS/anti-ToS dialogue a lot. I happen to
>> > be one of those slightly oddball folks who derive gentle amusement
>> > from reading accounts of mild scandals that do not involve death
>> > but do involve exposures of previously-concealed deeds committed
>> > by those in authority who are caught in flagrante delicto as they
>> > fail in some wild attempt to create and maintain a hierarchically-
>> > ranked belief-system.

Hi, Cat... and welcome to alt.satanism.  (You may find the level of 
on this newsgroup to be a bit less civilized than on alt.religion.orisha, 
I find our little corner of hell is not without its own rakish charm).

For some time I've been asking questions about the Temple of Set and its 
flirtations with anti-Semitism.  Founder Michael Aquino has referred to the 
Leuchter Report (the debunked "scientific study" which "proved" that there 
were no gas chambers at Auschwitz) as "meticulously researched" and has said 
that he "doesn't know" whether or not the Holocaust actually happened, as he 
wasn't there.  (I wasn't in Atlanta during 1864-65, but I'm reasonably sure 
that Sherman burned the place... ).

Here is an excerpt from Magistra Zeena Schreck's 1990 letter to Michael 
Aquino, the one wherein she denounces her "Unfather" Anton LaVey:

* * * * * *

Another fact conveniently not included is the common knowledge that as the 
co-director of the Werewolf Order, I have paved a unique path of my own 
inspired by the Western European magical tradition. These very European 
magical traditions, which I have always maintained as my own, are of more 
personal importance to me than the largely Eastern and negative 
imagery still so boringly peddled by the CoS. In the desire to appeal to the 
masses, Barton's book makes it glaringly clear that the real motive of the 
Church of Satan is to attract cash from "economic power brokers"; what other 
reason could justify the sickeningly repetitive flattery she (he) extends to 
Zionism, Bolshevism, and the state of Israel while safely negating any Norse 
or Teutonic mythology

* * * * *

I should note that Zeena Schreck and her husband Barry "Nicholas Schreck" 
Dubin are both of Jewish descent: Anton LeVay's birth name, as Michael 
fondly points out whenever he can, was Howard Stanton Levy.  So I'm not 
that the Temple of Set is a Neo-Nazi organization.  What I *am* saying is 
some high-ranking ToS members have made public statements which I find 
disturbing... and that nobody within the Temple of Set has ever clarified or 
explained these statements.

I would say that buying into the idea that there are "economic power 
who provide cash to people who flatter Israel and Zionism is prima facie 
anti-Semitic, and I would say the same thing about most Holocaust 
particularly the varieties which hinge on the idea that there is some 
cabal pulling off a hoax to gain sympathy for Israel. And being a JEWISH 
anti-Semite is prima facie evidence that you are a seriously disturbed, 
self-loathing, self-destructive person, again IMHO.

Since you're the product of a Jewish Agnostic family, I'd be interested in 
hearing *your* interpretation of the statement above, and of my take on 
things.  Since nobody in the Temple of Set seems interested in commenting on 
this, I guess I'll have to settle for the opinions of outsiders.

Kevin Filan


Maybe to those who love is given sight
to pierce the veil of seeming night
and know it pure beyond all imagining.
                         - Bruce Cockburn

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