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Temple of Set FBI file

To: alt.satanism
From: (Dr. Michael A. Aquino)
Subject: Re: Temple of Set FBI file
Date: 13 Mar 2003 03:08:51 GMT

Steven Silvers writes [to Craig "Mr. Scratch" Hunt]:

> ... it would seem that, as far as military careers go,
> [Michael Aquino got a lot further than you ... even
> with the bad ending.

What "bad ending"? I remained in the Active USAR with
a Top Secret/Compartmented clearance for six years
after the end of the CID investigation, until I decided to
retire in 1994. Throughout and subsequent to the CID
scam, all of my Officer Efficiency Reports were unbroken
"1"-ratings, and upon my retirement I was awarded the
Meritorious Service Medal for the previous 10-year
period. I remain today a Lt. Colonel, USAR-Ret, and
when I reach age 60 will collect full USAR retirement
benefits. I am a Life or Honorary member of several
Regiments & military specialty associations. So I am
quite content.

Would I have been "more content" to have continued to
full Colonel or General? Of course, and if the "Satanic
hysteria", a getrichquick Army chaplain, and Senator
Helms had not interfered with the 1980s, I probably
would have. [The Army got along just fine with my
Church of Satan/Temple of Set credentials 1969-1987,
after all, and the Senior Service College (ICAF) I had
just completed - as the only USAR officer in the nation
for the 1987 class - is a General-producing career
selection.] But it didn't work out that way, and
"life is what happens to you while you're making
other plans". You deal with it as best you can; then
you go on.

> [Craig Hunt]: while I was a mere enlisted man, I never
> got myself dipped in dogshit with the Army, and I was
> rated as a good soldier.  In fact, when my enlistment time
> was up, the Army actually insisted on keeping me on for
> almost an extra year.

According to his Temple of Set records, Hunt served for 2-1/2
years in the 82d Airborne Division before finishing his 4-year
enlistment in Korea. The 82d is an elite unit - the only Airborne
division in the Army - which of course requires Paratrooper
qualification, and I know from personal experience that you
don't stay in it if you're not an exceptional soldier. [I spent
my first year as a 2Lt. (1968) in the 1/17 Cavalry Squadron
of the 82d.]

> [Craig Hunt]: do you [SS] just feel the need to slavishly
> prostrate yourself to the "Pharaoh" ...

Mr. Silvers has not asked either the Temple of Set or myself
personally for any favors whatever.

Michael A. Aquino

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