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Setians, et al.

To: alt.satanism
From: (Michael Aquino)
Subject: Re: Setians, et al.
Date: 23 Oct 94 16:31:14 

MrA> Why is the Crystal Tablet and other Setian works unavailble to
MrA> non-members?  I can only think of 3 reasons.
MrA> #1) The works are plagiarized.
MrA> #2) The material is so ludicrous that they don't want it exposed to the
MrA> public.
MrA> #3) It manufactures a "captive" market for their material, as members
MrA> would not admit, even to themselves, that they are being ripped off.
MrA> NOTE: This is NOT Setian flame bait!  I just want a reasonable answer. 
MrA> So please do not flame back.  Play nice.

If you want the courtesy of a serious answer, then you should practice framing 
your questions less impudently and insultingly. Nevertheless:

There is no plagiarized material in the _Jeweled Tablets of Set_, nor in the
_Scroll of Set_ nor any other Setian publication. All quotations and
references are fully footnoted, and bibliographies are appended where

Publications of the Temple of Set are not sold to the public for a number of
reasons. They deal with subjects that uneducated, profane minds would have
difficulty understanding, or understanding correctly. A very elementary
example of the harm that can result from this is the _Satanic Bible_, whose
doctrinal section - the "Book of Lucifer" - was originally a series of
monographs in a study course for Church of Satan members only: persons who had 
been evaluated as sufficiently mature and well-balanced enough to place the
diatribes in reasonable context. Public release of them put them in the hands
of any number of crazies - including both psycho-"Satanists" and
fundamentalists - who have proceeded to misrepresent and misuse the book for

As for the _Crystal Tablet_ - the introductory section of the _JTS_ provided
to new Setians - being "ludicrous", that is one comment I have never heard
about it. But then it is simply a multi-sectioned handbook of information
concerning the philosophy, resources, Orders, and Pylons of the Temple, from
which the reader can pick avenues of contact or research interesting to him.

Like the other components of the _JTS_, the _CT_ is designed to be a
constantly-evolving document. Various sections within it, such as the
InterCommunication Roster, are updated as often as weekly. Virtually nothing
in it is permanent. This design reflects the underlying concept of the Temple
of Set itself: that it is a constantly-evolving environment.

As for the _JTS_ "manufacturing a captive environment": Many people have come
to and gone from the Temple over the last two decades for any number of
reasons, but I cannot recall a single complaint concerning the design or
quality of the _JTS_. As noted above, we consider these publications, as other 
facets of the Temple, *tools* to be used where helpful. As long as Setians
understand them in that sense, there shouldn't be a problem in this regard.

Understand too that the Temple of Set does not exist to glorify any leader
(including myself), nor to be an antisocial smart-aleck. It, like the original 
Church of Satan, was designed to be a vehicle for exploration of the secrets
of the universe, particularly as applicable to the phenomenon of humanity.
Setians seek to identify, strengthen, and apply that latent quality within
them which is "metahuman", you might say; and to experiment with methods of
control, change, and creation which we define as Lesser or Greater Black Magic.

This is a design and an agenda all too easily misunderstood, feared, and
resented by the public. Even to the extent that it has been simplified and
summarized in media forums, etc., it has provoked witch-hunt hysteria and
venom of the tabloid and trash-paperback sort. So we respond as necessary, but 
otherwise prefer privacy, so that Setians who are interested in our curricula
can pursue their personal interests without undue annoyance.

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