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Scratch Vs ToS

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.satanism,alt.politics.satanism
From: "Mr. Scratch" 
Subject: Re: Scratch Vs ToS (film at 11) (was ToS: Baloney's FAQ - Scratch makes the cut!)
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 18:45:48 -0700

On Sun, 1 Jul 2001, Forrester wrote:

> Mr. Scratch,
> You might have better luck convincing people of all you say if you
> prove it.

Ah!  The lastest in ToS sockpuppetry!  Welcome!

> Why should anyone believe you or any other *ex* ToS member?  You got
> booted out.

Actually, I don't expect anyone to believe me simply based on my opinion
alone.  However, I do provide support for those opinions, and can also
point out witnesses to many of my claims.

If you mean to say that people shouldn't consider what I have to say
*because* I was kicked out, then I think you are committing a rather
substantial logical fallacy.  Does the fact that I got ToSsed from the
organization automatically make me a liar, or somehow nullify a decade of

> You did *not* get booted out for having Locklin as your friend.  You
> are stooping to the lie when you keep posting this.

Lupo has already posted the relevant quotes.  Aquino directly stated, in
no uncertain terms, that I was kicked out because the High Priest and
Council of Nine decided my friendship with Locklin was inconsistent with
being a Priest of Set.

Before you go around calling people liars, you really ought to get your
facts in order.

> You got booted out for exactly what Dr. Aquino said.  It doesn't take
> much explaining.

You must be talking to a different Aquino. 

Perhaps to you it "doesn't take much explaining," but I seem to be missing
something.  If I wasn't booted over the Locklin affair, then maybe you
would be so kind as to explain to me why I was expelled!

> You *now* bemoan the background checks that the ToS does.  Why? 

I didn't complain about background checks, actually -- so far as I know,
the ToS doesn't have the resources for proper background checks.  What I
spoke of as possibly being "cult-like" behavior is the maintenance of
secret files on individual members and ex-members.  This isn't done for
any benefit of the member, it is just a compilation of whines and bitches
from various Priests about the person in question.  When said person does
find themselves being examined for some real or imagined slight, the file
comes out, and the defendant then finds himself having to answer for all
the other crap that has accumulated there as well.

> You could have complained about that years ago.  You did not.  Why
> not?

I already addressed this months ago.  You really should go check out, do an alt.satanism search on "Mr. Scratch," and
actually *read* about my position, rather than simply take the ToS's word
on it.

To briefly reiterate, I kept my mouth shut because those members who
criticize the Temple of Set are typically expelled or driven out.  I
wanted to stay in, and I hoped that the Temple could in time be reformed
by the diligence of honest Priests.

Now that I'm out and it's become clear to me that the Temple cannot (or at
least *will* not) be reformed, I feel no obligation to keep such
criticisms to myself.

> It's not like they sneak around behind your back and get this
> information.  They ask you for it openly.  You gave it.

If you are referring to the membership files, no they do NOT ask you for
the information.  I wouldn't be surprised if most ToS members were unaware
that they had such a file.  The information is simply collected, from
whatever source they can gather it from (largely the III* and IV*).

> I'm sorry.  I do *not* see what you are complaining about.  The point
> is just lost.  You are flaming the ToS and doing nothing but that.  
> You have proof of nothing. All you have is the hearsay of a few
> disgruntled *ex* ToS members.

What kind of "proof" do you want, Forrester?  Will an actual
*super-duper-double-top-secret* file satisfy you?

There used to be a certain ex-ToS member named Harry Mowry, who came to
alt.satanism to criticize the Temple.  I, being a loyal ToSser, and being
somewhat skilled in these kinds of verbal jousting, gave poor ol' Mowry
quite a rough time of it.  I was assisted in this effort by my acquisition
of a 30-odd page file on him, sent to me unrequested by a high-ranking
official of the ToS, that contained personal information about him,
documented his conflicts and goings-on with other Setians, and whatever
miscellaneous occult-related public information they had on him at the

You can see some (admittedly crappy) photos of the file at:

 Just passing by.

"Thank you, come again."
              (Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, The Simpsons)

Mr. Scratch
Priest of Set

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