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question on satanist and setanist

To: alt.satanism
From: Craig Lee Hunt 
Subject: Re: question on satanist and setanist
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 1994 19:00:50 -0700

On 18 Oct 1994, DMONGRL wrote:

> Dear Craig,
> I can only go by what Mr.Aquino ( the founder of the Temple of Set, whom I
> think should know) says and posts on this newsgroup.  Mr.Aquino, in case
> you missed it, just recently said "We do worship Set"...I'm not the only
> one in this newsgroup who saw it.  Is the "Temple Of Set" really this
> disorganized where the sheep do no know what their sheperd intends for them
> to be doing? You seem to be a vaguely intelligent young man, which makes me
> wonder why you choose to waste your time worshipping Set.
True enough, I am new to this newsgroup, but I speak from nearly five 
years experience in the ToS.  Never in that time have I read or witnessed 
anything that I would consider "worship".  (If you can produce such an 
article from Dr. Aquino, E-mail it to me.  I'm one of those annoying 
skeptics who have to "see" to really beleive.)  In any case, I suppose 
its possible for the word "worship" to have different connotations to 
different people, or perhapse it was a poor choice of wording altogether. 
It is for such errors that erasers are included with pencils.
> The Set religion  is based on secrecy and mysticism...the higher you get in
> "Levels", the more "knowledge" available to you....etc.
Actually, we have "degrees", based on the CoS degree system.  They do not 
confer "knowledge" upon the bearer.  Real knowledge comes only with 
experience and practical application of that experience.  It has been my 
observation that the degree system is really intended to support the 
Temple as a structure.  III degree and above have special 
responsibilities to the Tos organization to make certain that it 
continues to function smoothly and provide support for its membership.  
As for "mysticism", what precicely do you mean by "mysticism"?  All the 
information  directly relevent to ones growth as a Black Magician can be 
found in Black Magic in Theory and Practice, the most vital section of 
the Crystal Tablet.  This is (my opinion, of course) flat out, the best 
book on magic I have ever seen.  Perhapse less stylish in ways than 
LeVey's Bible, but more precice and of an infinitly larger scope.  What 
more would a person need on which to build a foundation?  This, I remind 
you, is given to every first degree setian upon admission to the ToS.     
> Well, I really don't consider Setians, Satanists for the mere fact that
> they worship Set....and Satanists don't worship any dieties and we have no
> "Temples"

Yes, yes...It is presicely the same everywhere you go. It is always 
so much easier to divide up a beleif system and lunge at one 
anothers throats than it is to examine the similarities.  In th 
middle ages the Catholics would hang Protestants, protestants would 
roast Anabaptists, all over (what to us) seem like 
trivial differences in opinion. "Do angels have bellybuttons?"  
"Should a person be immersed when baptized, or will sprinkilg 
suffice".  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  
Personally, I regard the our difference in opinion over the literal 
existance of Set as just that...a difference in opinion.  What is 
more important to me is is our common ideal of personal godhood and 
the exploration of the "Netherrealms".

> I have no need to
> nor would I  go around just spouting lies about people and their cults, I
> get it straight from the source and Mikey seems to be the best one to ask
> about the TOS and it's beliefs...It's sad that he failed to tell many of
> his followers that they do (or should) be worshipping Set as a diety.....As
> there appears to be a lot of confusion floating around about this topic.
First, I would caution you about your rather free usage of the word 
"cult".  That very word was on the lips of religious demagogues all over 
the country in the 1980's as they tried to smash the Satanic movement.  You 
claim to be a Satanist, and that is what the vast majority 
of people out there consider you to be; a "cultist" of the very worst 
kind!  It is just a highly emotionally charged word that essencially 
means "A group of people I dissagree with."  As for whether we are the 
"sheep" or "followers" of Dr. Aquino--This is not a "Cult of 
Personality"  Our allegiance lies with ourselves, the Temple of Set, and 
with the entity to whom it belongs.  Not with any individual.  Dr. 
Aquino has been a fine example for us us and has shed a great deal of 
light on some dark subjects.  He has helped us through some trying 
times.  However, if by some disaster we were to lose Dr. Aquino, the 
ToS would continue to rumble along.

But enough about the Temple, Demongirl.  Let me ask you a question or 
two about yourself!  You obviously feel a great deal of hostility toward 
a group of people who dont quite beleive what you proffess.  What is the 
reason for this.  I speculate it is what psych types call 
"overcompensation"; a strong, often violent reaction to an inner 
conflict, intended to overcome self-doubt or an insecurity.  It is 
projected outward at a target the subject subconsciously feels represents 
the "bad" side of the conflict.  Or perhapse you feel the Temple is 
threatening to the CoS structure you so highly prise.  Why dont you let 
me know. (and please, no superficial complaints about Dr. Aquino, Temple 
structure or Set.)  If your reasons are too personal to post--E-Mail me at  All correspondence will be private and 
With that, I bid you goodnight.  Hope to hear from you (or anyone else) 
                              --Mr Scratch
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