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Polgara the Sorceress

To: alt.magick
From: (Sockpuppetofset)
Subject: Polgara the Sorceress
Date: 24 Dec 2002 05:23:41 GMT

           Any one aware of the Eddings Saga , should know the characters
Polgara and Belgarath, they were sorcerers , who could destroy whole mountians 
with their will alone, they could shapeshift and turn enemy's into animals
they were disciples of the God Aldur , who was 1 of 5 God's 
These fictional beings could act in a manner that was independent of the
Universe , Through the will and the word.
             There is a little org called Set as in Temple of , its a place 
where black sheep can go to get a FDA stamp of approval
There are many in the ToS called Adept , Masters , and even a few called Magus
I myself was once in the little org , on may 1999 at the mid year gathering 
I was recognized as a Adept by none other then the Great Zeena Schreck
herself . You see I had brought these stupid fucking trash paintings I made
and the little org was impressed despite the fact that I had never sold one in
my life, and despite the fact that Zeena and Nick Schreck both knew that I was
injecting Steroids , and also despite the fact that for the whole month of may
I had been homeless sleeping in my car , because I had spent all my rent money 
the month before on roids , also despite the fact that I was driving a total
of shit car , that was 20 years old.   Nonetheless despite all of the above 
I was still recognized a Adept , a loser like me was recognized as Adept
of the Temple of Set in May of 1999,  There were also a number of other Adepts 
that did not even own cars and had to ride the Bus to the midyear meeting
Those Adepts were coffee servers at Starbucks 
Despite the fact that they and myself were all ADEPT BLACK MAGICIANS
      Zeena and Nick Schreck , both of whom had to flee the U.S to Germany
due to tax troubles, and who now as self proclaimed experts are writting books 
on black magick, were both Masters of the Temple of the ToS , and Zeena
was even High fucking priestess , despite the fact that they had to flee 
America due to Tax troubles , they were still Masters of the Temple
and Zeena was high fucking priestess of the stupid org.
              Then to top it all off you have the fucking ToS going on and on
Xeper ir Xem , and Setamorphesis the process of becoming a God a 
Red Magus , a God who is independent of the Natural Universe
and yet none of the fucking Adept's , Masters, and Magi in the little org
can even levitate a fucking pencil, and most are working as Schmucks
in some loser job like serving coffee at starbucks ,
Yet they are Adept, Master and Magus Black Magicians 
I guess the money spells don't work well enough to set them free from
Starbucks.  The sad thing is these people follow a philosophy that teaches
them that they are God's and that they are independent of the Natural
Universe through Xeper, Xem, Remanifestaiton, and Setamorphesis
When I think of what it means to be independent of the natural universe 
and what it means to be able to act independently of that universe 
I think of the fictional characters in the Eddings Saga, who acted from the
Will and the Word,  and with that Polgara the Sorceress could shape shift
turn enemy's into animals , raise demons, and level whole mountians
using only her will , Her Master the God Aldur could split the fucking world in
with his will , His brothers Mara, Nedra, Issa, and Belar could perform
similar feats ,  That is what my Idea of a God is , Not some loser reject
working at Starbucks muttering to himself Xeper ir Xem , I am a God
I am a Master of the Temple , muttering this shit to himself while 
preparing another Cafe Mocha for a Irate customer , and thinking of The 
Blue Medallion( the blue cookie) the ToS gave him.
           I myself am a loser , but at least I have the honesty to myself to
admit it
without building up silly illusions about myself being a Adept Black Magician
just because I got a red cookie from the ToS that stated to the whole world
that I was a Adept Black Magician.
                  ToS is nothing more then a place where black SHEEP can go to 
get a FDA stamp of approval i.e. the red cookie .
               I along with a ton of other ex members have been poking fun at
riduclas little org , for the last 3 years , and not a single one of us has
fallen to any kind of curse or spell , despite the fact that , DOKTOR Aquino
Lord High Almighty Ipissimus has argued heatedly with all of us in the past
We have also poked fun at the Schrecks(Who are now writting books on Black
Magick) and we have exposed the Schrecks for what they really are 2 loser
rejects , and none of us has fallen victim to any kind of curse or spell
              After her father died in 97 , Zeena came out and told the whole
fucking world that she had put a curse on him , and that he had died as a
I find it very intresting that she came out with this revalation AFTER HE DIED
and not BEFORE.   Any fool can come out and say I put a curse on So and So
after that person has already died. Moreover While I was a ToS member 
I got all of their past Scroll of Set Issues all the way back to 1975
in one issue in 1994 , there is a Letter from Zeena to DOKTOR/DR/DOC/DOCTOR
Aquino , and in that letter Zeena described how her father was suffering from
hypertension and had been for some time. No mention was made at the time of any
curse.   So basically what happened is that a old man died who had a previous
heart condition. Big fucking deal Old men with bad hearts die every
fucking day in this country, and yet Zeena would have us believe that her
death was the result of some curse she put on him, and oh how prophetic
that curse was coming AFTER HE DIED
          I hope people can see the fucking absurdity of the Schrecks 
and how silly it is for 2 losers like that to be writting books on Black Magick
as well as the absurdity of the ToS itself

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