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Linda Blood

To: alt.satanism
From: (Michael Aquino)
Subject: RE: Linda Blood
Date: 16 Jul 94 09:19:45 -0800

nad> _The New Satanists_ by Linda Blood has hit the stands (Time Warner
nad> Books).
nad> Boy, is this one lawsuit material. Blood claims a membership in the
nad> Temple of Set, drags up old stuff about Matamoros and the McMartins, just
nad> has a field day rehashing crap that was long ago debunked.

The story of Linda Blood: In the late 1970s I wrote some _Star Wars_ sequel
material that Forrest Ackerman published in his _Famous Monsters of Filmland_
magazine. This resulted in some fan letters to me from Blood, who eventually
asked about the Temple of Set, joined it, participated in various of its
programs, and attended the Set-I International Conclave.

Unfortunately Blood also developed an unrequited sexual crush on me, which she 
proceeded to advertise so insistently and obnoxiously that she was eventually
expelled from the Temple. There followed several years' worth of screaming
calls from her to Lilith's & my telephone answering machine: threats,
obscenities, announcements of impending suicide, angry complaints that we
apparently didn't care if she committed suicide, and loud & expressive

We allowed our answering machine to deal with all this, assuming that she
would eventually wear herself out and get a life. Finally I contacted the
police in her Massachusetts hometown, sending them a copy of the answering
machine tapes. They called her in to the office, and she promised them she
would seek psychiatric counseling.

She was quiet for awhile, until the "Satanic scare" of the 1980s erupted,
whereupon she resurfaced, allied herself with fundamentalist nut outfits like
the Cult Awarenes Network & American Family Foundation, and proceeded to give
interviews and write articles about how terrible Satanism is [and how I had,
ahem, "seduced" her!]

I suppose I should feel flattered that I have this effect upon women, but
somehow I don't quite.

While I haven't seen this book of hers yet, I understand that, like other
fundamentalist cranks, she again brings up the Adams-Thompson scam in an
effort to sell the story of Michael Aquino as a child molester. I am getting
bored of having to expose & refute every new attempt to make something of A-T, 
so I have decided to write my own account of the entire affair, with
peripheral treatment of the "Satanic scare" generally, for publication. I
expect that it would be fair of me, perhaps in an appendix, to survey some of
the commentators such as Raschke and Blood, with a view to clarifying their
actual motives and bias.
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