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Kevin Filan in ToS FAQ

To: alt.satanism,soc.culture.haiti
From: "Mr. Scratch" 
Subject: Re: Kevin Filan in ToS FAQ
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 00:31:56 -0800


> (from the respected occult org Temple of Set's
> enemylist: more on childish and malicious
> character of Kevin Filan.

As a former longstanding member and Priest of the Temple of Set, let me
assure you that your evaluation of the Temple of Set as being "respected"
is misplaced on alt.satanism.

In any case, the paragraph you quoted from the ToS enemies list (a list
rather similar to some of the Scientologists' "dead agenting" techniques
I've seen) made me feel very uncomfortable while I was a member, due to
its inaccuracy and distorted perspective.  Now, of course, I have a free
hand to comment.

> ***********
> Kevin Filan
> Kevin Filan first encountered the Temple of Set through the presence
> of several Setians discussing Setian philosophy and the Temple on
> bulletin board systems. During a period when he lived in Oklahoma
> (near several other Setians), he joined the Temple of Set, and
> achieved the II=B0 (Adept). Setian philosophy apparently didn't suit
> him, so sometime later he left the organization to rejoin the Roman
> Catholic church. That also didn't suit him, and eventually he
> reappeared in Pagan cyberspace, this time on alt.satanism, alt.pagan,
> and similar areas.


> For a while he was courteous and openly honest. He spoke his mind
> concerning the things he liked about the Temple of Set, about Setian
> philosohy, and about Setians, and he spoke his mind concerning the
> things and people he disliked.

Mr. Filan arrived some time after I made my debut on alt.satanism, and I
quickly identified him as an intelligent voice, with a perspective on the
Temple of Set that I then considered "balanced" (which is to say, he liked
the Temple of Set, thought Setians were worthwhile people, and found the
Setian philosophy to be productive and correct in a spiritual sense).  As
I had come to be one of the few Setian voices on alt.satanism that was
considered credible, and thus found myself in a unique position to defend
and inform others about the Temple of Set in this forum, I made an effort
to keep Mr. Filan on our side.  I recognized him as an asset to the ToS,
and often called upon him to speak to the ToS's detractors on other
newsgroups as a "neutral outsider."  I found him to be very helpful, and
on a personal note, enjoyed his sense of humor and writing style.  At a
time when nearly everyone on this newsgroup vocally hated the Temple of
Set with a passion, I found him to be quite refreshing and valuable.

Such was not to last, of course, but it was not the fault of Mr. Filan
that things went sour.

> Shortly after Lupo left the Temple of Set, Mr. Filan began horribly
> bad- mouthing the Temple of Set in general, and the Aquino's
> specifically, not only complaining about the things he didn't like,
> but indulging in all sorts of name-calling, filth-slinging, gutter
> language, etc. It was during this period that I killfiled him, since
> he had stopped being a voice of reason.

Pure horseshit. (Gosh, I hope that isn't considered "gutter-language"!)

This leads the reader to believe that Mr. Filan, in a mysterious fit of
anger over Lupo's departure from the Temple, suddenly metamorphosed from
our friend, into the familiar image of the "Enemy of the Temple": the
raving lunatic who suddenly lunges at the innocent and bewildered ToS
without provocation.  In the skewed world of the Setian perspective, the
Temple's "enemies" are villains right out of some terror-inducing
children's fairy tale, and the image is based on just as much reality.

I was there.  Here is what happened.

Filan did not go berzerk when Lupo was expelled/quit the ToS.  Lupo was
out of the ToS long before Filan ever showed up.  As I said, when Filan
did appear, he seemed to pay little mind to Lupo's arguments with the
Aquinos, and was definitely Setian-friendly (an attitude I willfully
encouraged).  The problem began when Dr. Aquino revealed Lupo's workplace,
and suggested that others contact his supervisors.  Nearly everyone on the
newsgroup was outraged.  I was certainly upset, if for no other reason
than that Dr. Aquino's actions served to destroy the positive image of the
ToS I had been cultivating.

Mr. Filan, while generally pro-Setian, could not turn a blind eye to the
wrong that had been committed; he tactfully suggested that while it was
clear Dr. Aquino and Lupo had their conflicts, that revealing this private
information to a hostile public was not an acceptable strategy, that it
made the Temple of Set in general look bad, and recommended that it might
be best for Dr. Aquino to apologize.  Filan's statement to this effect was
fair, and stated in such a way as to not cause further provocation.

In return, Mr. Filan was treated to a series of dismissive insults at the
hands of Dr. Aquino, who accused him of being a Temple groupie, a hyena,
and a vulture circling the Temple of Set.  From this time forward, the man
who had been the Temple's friend rapidly became one of its founder's most
tenacious critics.  The Temple of Set shouldn't blame him; if they found
an enemy in Kevin Filan, it is only because they created that enemy.

As I said in a previous message, the most fanatically indoctrinated
Setians consider non-Setians to be little more than insects.  Sometimes
the non-Setian bug is a repellent cockroach, or sometimes a terrifying
wasp or scorpion, but their evaluation of the non-Setian is generally not
respectful, and it is part of their doctrine that they do not consider
non-members their peers.  It doesn't matter if the non-Setian feels
positive or negative feelings toward the Temple, they are considered
untrustworthy, and treated accordingly.  It is an idiotic and shortsighted
attitude, one which may someday destroy them.

Another example of this is to be found in the experience of my wife, Kerry
Delf.  Though not a member of the Temple, she appreciated its membership
and philosophy, and sought a proactive means of furthering its goals. =20
For nearly five years, she supported the Temple of Set in remarkable ways;
she was a constant source of moderation and information on the ToS's
public mailing list, and secured the membership of a number of new
initiates.  She worked to refute those who defamed the Temple, sometimes
at risk to herself.  She was a constant and active source of support for
me as a Priest, often handling some of my lesser duties for me (such as
organizing meetings for local Temple members).  She maintained a wide
range of contacts among Setians, and would often send them reading
material and other resources related to their initiation, free of charge. =
During Conclave, she was an everpresent source of discussion with Setians,
and even assumed responsibility for some of the security work in order to
free up Setian security teams for important rituals and meetings.

She was quite popular with Setians of the I* and II* degrees, but
strangely seemed to inspire a strange hostility from the politicized,
ass-kissing elements of the Temple, especially those associated with
Lilith Aquino's Arkte Element.  At one point, an honorary member
associated with that Element, Eve (a.k.a. Morgan) Kochel, even lit into
Kerry via email because Kerry, a non-Setian, had the audacity to respond
to a query on a Setian elist when no Setians stepped forward to handle it. =
Kochel then stepped even further over the line and actually threatened
her, saying that there was a group of Setians, including an "influential
member," who had prepared an unfriendly "surprise" for her at the next
Conclave.  When I called this person to task on her inappropriately
assuming the role of the Priesthood and her attempts at intimidation, she
rudely informed me that she had every right to speak to my wife this way,
as Kerry was not a Setian, and went on to levy a number of accusations and
insults against myself.  In spite of my efforts, the offender went
unpunished, beyond receiving a stern finger-shaking from Don Webb.

I was somewhat pleased that the Temple might be capable of reversing its
idiotic treatment of friendly non-Setians when Kerry was made an Honorary
Setian for her efforts.  However, this was a short-lived pleasure, for as
soon as it was announced, she was rudely insulted by certain members
(again associated with the Arkte Element), the validity of the award was
publicly questioned before the membership by members of the Magistry, and
the Priesthood list was abuzz with all manner of justifications as to why
such demeaning, protocol-violating statements and behavior were justified
and correct.  Certain European Magisters (presumably the Schrecks)
immediately moved to restrict her access to Setian online materials
(though it is customary to allow Honorary members access to the same
material available to a I*), and she was kicked off Setian-L after her
introductory post.  What had been intended to be a well-deserved honor
bestowed on my wife -- and was understood as such by the majority of the
membership -- turned out to be an irresistible opportunity for the
knuckle-draggers and the envious to heap scorn upon her.

As I said before, if you consider this organization to be "respected,"
then I suggest you consider whether that respect goes both ways.  To many
in the hierarchy of the Temple, your respect is meaningless -- as an
outsider, you are probably an enemy.  Maybe a dormant one, but they'd just
as soon see you lunging at their throats as they would have you praising

> I understand from others, however, that he has continued his childish
> and gutter-level attacks on Dr. Aquino and Lilith Aquino, and on the
> Temple of Set, going so far as to publish Dr. Aquino's home address
> and phone number on the 'net, not only in Pagan areas (which would be
> bad enough), but also in Christian and other areas where he has
> encouraged society's bigots and idiots to personally and physically
> harass the Aquinos.

With all due respect, this is a game the Aquinos introduced to this
newsgroup, with the revelation of Lupo's workplace.  While I do not agree
with Mr. Filan's methods, I also believe that those in glass houses should
not throw stones, nor should pots call kettles black.


Mr. Scratch
Priest of Set

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