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Informational Posting

To: alt.satanism
From: (Michael Aquino)
Subject: RE: Informational Posting
Date: 13 Jul 94 20:34:54 -0800

Ms. Peggy "Nadramia" Gilmore's advertisements inspire me to quote from a
private letter of Anton LaVey's to me:

"At the present time the most vocal element to whom our philosophy appeals is
represented by the little guy who wants to be a superman - the guy who has
been clobbered all his life and wants to strike back. It matters not to him
that he might have asked for all his clobberings; he has the lumps to display, 
and that is reason enough. Our bible lets him think of himself as a sinister
avenger, an exterminating angel who can dispense with any guilts (or
conscience) with which he has been burdened. In his eager rush to stomp on the 
nearest crucifix, he reads the _Satanic Bible_ out-of-context - no differently 
than he would probably read a cookbook, preparing a lamb stew according to the 
recipe but leaving out the lamb.

"The Satanic movement will grow as a result of the Masters supplying the
gadflies with fodder for their cause ... The low-level gadflies, who suddenly
become supermen after one reading of the _SB_, can only assist us financially. 
They won't, of course, for now they are supermen and don't have to entertain
charitable Christian thoughts any longer. Now they can get even with the
world. Naturally the first place to start - like bratty children - is to
practice their new-found independence around home with their parents (the
Church). Instead of chastising them, making them stay home, and trying to keep 
them in line - which only makes them more rebellious - we shall sell them some 
dope and send them out on the streets, and they'll love us for it.

"I am of course writing allegorically. By 'dope' I mean trappings for their
new roles. They will buy medals to pin all over themselves. I have noticed
that the more of a superman complex a member harbors, the greater the
importance of paraphernalia with which to bedeck himself. Under our present
system, members whose ego-needs demand the most trappings are those who must
content themselves with the *least*. That's why they 'sneak' all manner of
ankhs, amulets, talismans, rabbit's feet, etc. - from diverse sources - to
wear around their necks in addition to their Baphomets. It kills them that
they must confine their robes to monkish cut and sombre hue. Giev their heads, 
they would most certainly look like holy fools. How they would *act* is too
horrible to conjecture. This is why they should not even be members of the
Order. They *are* gadflies, however - albeit noisome to have in attendance.
Their consuming ego-needs can render us an unwitting service in the 'stuff'
the Church can supply to them as non-member gadflies.

"I have been accused of being commercial for years, often by persons who seem
saddened when they finally find out there is nothing much they can buy. Like
Hugo von Castiglione, I do not wish to hurt them any longer, as it is against
my nature. We shall start marketing Satanic goodies to low-level gadflies.
When you come out here, we will explore all avenues of this aspect ..."

* * * * *


"At a camp meeting in the 'United' States of America, devotees were worked up
to such a pitch of excitement that the whole assembly developed a furious form 
of hysteria. The comparatively intelligible cries of 'Glory' and 'Hallelujah'
no longer expressed the situation. Somebody screamed out
'Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay!', and this was taken up by the whole meeting and yelled
continuously, until reaction set in. The affair got into the papers, and some
particularly bright disciple of John Stuart Mill, logician and economist,
thought that these words, having set one set of fools crazy, might do the same 
to all the other fools in the world. He accordingly wrote a song and produced
the desired result." - Aleister Crowley, _Magick_
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