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GBM Significance

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Date: 18 Jan 1999 23:58:23 GMT

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"belial" wrote:

>No, I don't hate Aquino, I just think he's a bit umm.. stupid,
>in some ways. I mean, he's obviously intellegent, but if he
>expects people to believe that set talked to him, hes a moron.
>and if he truly believes that set dictated a book to him, then
>he's only a few steps higher than egan in the moron stakes
>(at least he doesn't claim to have had sexual relations with set..
>well.. I hope he doesn't).

- From my _Black Magic_ within the _Crystal Tablet of Set_:

As with any Greater Black Magic (GBM) working, the
_Book of Coming Forth by Night_ will assume
different significance to different people. Skeptics
might consider it merely a work of fantasy or self-
delusion; religious fanatics a message from the
Judaeo-Christian Devil; old-time occultists an
imitation of Aleister Crowley's _Book of the Law_.

There is nothing to gain by debating such points of
view. As is discussed later in _Black Magic_, any
GBM working is necessarily a supra-rational
experience, not a logical, scientific, or artistic
exercise. It will be most meaningful to its
celebrant, and it may or may not be meaningful
or even intelligible to others.

What I *will* assert is that, as far as *I myself* am
concerned, the _Book of Coming Forth by Night_
was and remains authentic: the noetic apprehension
of an intelligence "not myself" which reduced
certain statements, judgments, principles, and
symbols to a text.

This text was so meaningful to me that I have
since ordered my life and philosophy by its
principles. The other founders of the Temple
of Set accorded it a similar trust and respect.
Even though they had not participated in the
working itself, many remarked, they felt that
the text itself carried its own aura of authenticity
and conviction. In the years that followed,
countless others have been moved by it in a
similar fashion.

When I accepted the _Book of Coming Forth
by Night_, it was in a deliberate, reflective way -
with a resolve to undertake the creation and care
of the Temple of Set proper, and to patiently
allow history to validate or disprove any principles
that the Temple might propose or practice. This has
remained my attitude ever since that serene and
sublime experience.

As for the text itself, I am content to comment
upon it as best I can, then let others judge it as
they will. For me it is now, as then, a simple,
beautiful, and purposeful statement from the
sentient being whom mankind has loved, hated,
worshipped, cursed, praised, and reviled as the
Prince of Darkness. To echo the words of G.B.
Shaw in _The Devil's Disciple_: "I promised
him my soul, and swore an oath that I would
stand up for him in this world and stand by him
in the next."

Michael A. Aquino, Ph.D.
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