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To: alt.magick.tyagi
From: tyagI@houseofkaos.Abyss.coM (tyagi mordred nagasiva)
Subject: Re: Nazi Virus?
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 1994 18:15:57 -0700

[from alt.magick.chaos: (AShtoN)]

Leapen Nazi's Batman! Looky what croped up over in alt.satanism ...
(just when I though that the whole damn group was going to be noise)

AND I really don't care if you have knee-jerk Nazi reactions!
(Actually, I do, it might be fun to watch!)

This is perfectly good viral reproduction/spread food
(which I hereby feed right into your head)


>If christianity and islam can be viewed as naturally occurring mutants of the
>original virus that infected other populations, then naziism can be viewed as
>an artificially produced germ warfare strain designed to work in a radically
>different situation.  Like many cross-species jumps of viruses, the virus was
>sufficiently POORLY suited to its new hosts that it was extremely virulent
>(deadly!).  [just as monkey herpes virus, or AIDS, kills humans and leaves the
>monkeys less harmed, and rabies leaves bats untouched and kills other species,
>etc.  A carrier is optimal in most circumstances, though some lysogenic viruses
>can be reactivated into a more damaging infection under certain stress
>circumstances (e.g. shingles, reactivation of the human herpes virus, or the
>current religious aspect to warfare in Yugoslavia)]

>   Thus as a new strain of virus naziism was a failure.  It spread itself like
>wildfire, but the organisms infected were wiped out in a very short amount of
>time.  Even so it might have had some success, but its strategy of appealing
>via tissue-specific receptors (superiority of individual races) led to a
>compartmentalized distribution that could be isolated and opposed by the
>immune system.

>   Suggestions for improvement:  naziism needs to infect the host without
>killing it quickly, yet must retain the infectious appeal of the original
>strain.  This can be accomplished, for instance, by diverting much of the
>host metabolism to producing infection in a less hazardous manner, for instance
>by encouraging the killing of drug users and the deportation of illegal
>immigrants rather than a program of outright extermination, and by tuning down
>the warfare to a sustainable level.  As I understand, such organizations as
>Aryan Nations are currently pursuing this line of research with some degree of
>success.  However, they are still hindered by a quandary:  most of the current
>population has been immunized against recognizably Nazi antigens, yet many
>other similar strains of infection, targeting such "mainstream" opportunities
>for expanding fascism and wholesale slaughter, have already infected the most
>susceptible individuals lysogenically, and as part of their self-regulation,
>endow these individuals with an effective immunity to naziism, just as one
>retrovirus of a given variety prevents superfection with another.

>   Thus it may be that the only possibility for successful application of
>naziism relies on waiting for a longer time, until the population is once more
>susceptible to strains with recognizable nazi antigens.

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