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FAQ: Lupo [SL]

To: alt.satanism
From: (Dr. Michael A. Aquino)
Subject: FAQ: ..."Lupo" [SL]
Date: 03 Dec 2002 19:00:14 GMT

- by Michael A. Aquino
as of 12/1/2002

[The following FAQ is provided to alt.satanism, and to persons
who may ask me about [SL], as a response to and explanation
concerning [SL]'s continuing vulgarity and distortions. Years
ago I gave up attempts at polite, corrective dialogue with him on
the newsgroup, so further attempts at provocation and distortion
by him or anyone else will continue to be ignored. I will simply
repost this FAQ as seems necessary from time to time.]

* * * * *
From 1993 to 1995 [SL] was an [uncomplaining]
Setian I* in the Temple of Set, and also very active on the
alt. satanism newsgroup, including authoring its FAQ.

When I first read [SL]'s FAQ, I saw that it contained
advertisement and contact information for several "Satanist"
persons and groups of a fraudulent, dubious, or even dangerous
nature, for example:

(1) The post-1975 "Church of Satan" ... without alerting
readers that it was neither a church nor did it believe in
Satan, but was - as Anton LaVey ultimately swore under
oath in his bankruptcy filing - a personal business for his
private profit in direct violation of the requirements of its
original California corporate articles.

(2) The "Order of Nine Angles" aka David Myatt aka
Stephen Brown aka Christos Beest ... without alerting
readers that the "ONA" advocated literal "Satanic" human
sacrifice and published ritual texts containing it.

(3) The "Ordo Templi Baphe-metis" aka James Martin ...
without alerting readers that Martin is a self-stated
pedophile and, as he put it, "user of controlled substances -
one of our subsidiary organizations, the Cultus Cucurbitus,
investigates the magickal uses of psychoactive drugs."

(4) Kerry Bolton aka _The Watcher_ aka _The Heretic_
aka "Order of the Left-Hand Path" ... without alerting
readers that Bolton advocated neo-Nazi racial violence
[and also advertised Martin without any alerts].

None of this important alerting information was included
in the respective descriptions/contacts in [SL]'s FAQ.

I advised [SL] that, particularly since alt.satanism could be
read by uninformed individuals of any age, advertising such
persons/groups was unacceptably irresponsible from a Setian.

[SL] decided that this was an intolerable affront to his civil
rights, resigned from the Temple of Set, and continued to
publish the FAQ without change - except that, at my insistence,
he removed the Temple of Set from it. That took the Temple
of Set off the hook for the FAQ, but it still disturbed me
that any number of unsuspecting people could blunder into
exploitation or personal danger because of [SL]'s FAQ -
for which he used only his "Lupo" pseudonym.

I therefore suggested on the newsgroup that, if he insisted
on publishing such a document, readers of it at least deserved
the courtesy of knowing who the author was and how to
locate him in the case they came to grief by trusting his
advertisements. In this I indeed used his true name and
mentioned the university whose ISP he had been using for
much of his Internet activity. [Note: See postscript below.]
I was not interested in seeing any harm come to [SL], but I
*did* think that if he felt himself *personally* accountable for
what he was doing, it might inspire him to take greater concern
for his readership.

That infuriated [SL] even more than my "violation of his
civil rights". Evidently he felt that if people got hurt because
of his FAQ, that was just their tough luck - and certainly
nothing that should find and hold *him* responsible as
the FAQ's author. Thus began his multi-year campaign of
vulgarity against myself and my wife in particular, and the
Temple of Set generally.

At the time [SL]'s FAQ appeared, Satanism generally had
just been through a decade-long gauntlet of "crime" and "sexual
abuse" allegations from scam-profiteers and the Fundamentalist
Right in the USA and elsewhere. In my opinion [SL]'s FAQ
was - especially because of its viewability by persons of any
age completely unfamiliar with Satanism - extremely dangerous
to the legitimate religion.

It's all too easy for habitual haunters of this newsgroup - who
are presumably adults having some familiarity with the
Satanic subculture - to ignore such possibilities. In good
conscience I didn't feel that I could, and all the more so at
that point in time, when the "Satanic Panic" was only just

I don't mind Internet anonymity among courteous,
responsible people who don't use it maliciously; I have
dialogued with many "pseudopeople" here. But
good-natured verbal tennis games are one thing, and
doing something which could seriously endanger people -
to say nothing of harming this religion's already-severely-
shaken reputation - is quite another. In that sense I think
that Internet anonymity should be regarded as a courtesy
which should be earned, not a "right" regardless of any
harm you intend or do, whether through carelessness or

As a "sidebar": I am of course aware that expecting good manners
and a sense of responsibility on alt. satanism might strike some
as screamingly funny _a la_ Don Quixote. Usenet, and the Internet
generally, is awash in raving lunatics of all imaginable - and some
unimaginable! - flavors. Be that as it may, I have taken the dignity of
this religion seriously and personally since I accepted its Priesthood
in 1970, and I mean to keep on doing so as best I can.

Michael A. Aquino

* * * * * * *

As to the exposure of [SL]'s identity as author of his FAQ, may
I quote from a post by "Raven" on 3/24/99:

"Excuse me, has the alt.satanism newsgroup FAQ suddenly become
classified material?  It credits '[SL] (Lupo the Butcher)' in
postings from at least as far back as February 1996, down to this
month (March 1999), and I'd be surprised to learn that he's
been so credited without his consent:

"8 Feb 1996:

"3 Mar 1999:


"He's made no secret of his name, and here it was relevant to
observe that the post signed 'IX Corp.' was from the same person
about whom Kevin Filan and I were disputing whether he had
indeed been IX Corp.'s treasurer, as signed in public at
(again using his real name)."

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