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FAQ: Craig Mr. Scratch Hunt

To: alt.satanism
From: (Dr. Michael A. Aquino)
Subject: FAQ: Craig "Mr. Scratch" Hunt
Date: 03 Dec 2002 19:00:12 GMT

- by Michael A. Aquino
as of 12/1/2002

[The following FAQ is provided to alt.satanism, and to persons
who may ask me about Hunt, as a response to and explanation
concerning Hunt's continuing defamations and distortions.
Further attempts at provocation by him or anyone else will
continue to be ignored. I will simply repost this FAQ as seems
necessary from time to time.]

* * * * *
From 1990 to 2000 Craig Hunt was an [uncomplaining] member
of the Temple of Set, and from 1998 to 2000 was an [equally
uncomplaining] Priest of Set in the Temple.

At the Temple's International Conclave in 2000, Hunt drove
Scott Locklin to the Conclave hotel, thus compromising the
privacy of Setians to an individual with a longstanding hatred
of the Temple and individual Setians. Though he has since
maintained that his taking Locklin to the hotel was "just
accidental", Hunt concealed this compromise from any Temple
official at the time. The Temple learned of the incident only
because one of its senior members happened to see them
arrive and recognized Locklin.

At its next meeting the Temple of Set's board of directors,
upon recommendation by High Priest Don Webb, unanimously
decided that Hunt's compromise of the Conclave, concealment
of the compromise, and continuing socializing with an individual
who has for many years conducted a hate campaign of vulgarity
and malicious falsehoods against the Temple and individual
Setians, was unacceptable for a Setian and particularly for a
Priest of Set. [I was present at this meeting, but did not speak
and was not a voting member of the board. For the record, I
think the board members considered and discussed the matter
carefully and dispassionately, and I personally do agree with
its unanimous decision.]

Since then Hunt has embarked on an aggressive campaign on
alt.satanism to distort and denounce almost every aspect of the
Temple of Set generally, and - presumably because I posted an
earlier account of these events to the newsgroup in response to
his disinformation - Michael Aquino as well.

Despite all of the sand Hunt continues to try to throw in the faces
of newsgroup readers, the simple fact remains that during his
entire decade-long membership in the Temple, and his two years
as a Priest of Set, he *never once* made the slightest such
criticism of any aspect of the Temple’s design, programs, or
leadership. And particularly as a Priest of Set, he had ample
opportunity to do so. And of course he did not resign from the
Temple as a matter of protest or principle, but was unanimously
and involuntarily expelled from it by its High Priest and board
of directors.

It seems apparent, particularly as Hunt continues to
style himself "Priest of Set" in his newsgroup posts, that
he is either honestly insensitive to the reasoning by which
he was expelled, or simply does not have the integrity to
confront and acknowledge it. Either way it is no longer the
Temple of Set's business to judge him, though it was the
Temple’s business to separate itself from him.

Alt.Satanism readers are invited to remember these simple
facts when encountering Hunt's “born again”, so to speak,
tirades against the Temple.

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