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Concerning Satanism

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Subject: Concerning Satanism

   by Don Webb
   The Temple of Set has begun the process of distancing form the
   term "Satanism," a cultural fad of the latter part of the
   Twentieth Century of the Common Era. The usefulness of this
   particular tool as a means to antinomianism is fading in our
   post-Christian society, just as it had no meaning in the
   pre-Christian society where the first explorations of the Setian
   path occured.
   The tradition of spiritual dissent will not, nor cannot, cease to
   be a part of the Left Hand Path. We need that first trial of
   standing up and saying "I am not as you!" Breaking that fetter is
   the the first Willed piece of friction that is Necessary to
   annihilate resistance at other levels of being.
   The questioning of distancing ourselves from Satanism is not what
   the profane think of the word. The profane guided by the forces
   in the human psyche that tend toward naturalization (hatred and
   ignorance) will manage to hate us quite nicely.
   The question is, does the label "Satanist" provide any meaningful
   form of spiritual dissent? In the Year I, of course it did. In a
   society polarized between clear culture and counterculture, La
   Vey's formula provided enough of a challenge to set the
   individual apart, but not an unsurmountable one. In our
   postmodern society with a lack of clear ruling paradigms, simple
   rebellion is not enough.
   The word "Satanism" does not fulfill that function. Firstly,
   unlike in the Year I, it is now a word of the populace. TV
   evangelists lead perfectly La Veyan lives (total environments,
   money from LBM, etc.), and "rebelling" teenagers sport the most
   hideous "Satanic" T-shirts. "Satanism" is actually one of the
   ruling paradigms. Secondly, in our postmodern society, the
   paradigm to revolt against is dependence. The populace looks for
   a label to do its lobbying through and whine to the rest of the
   weak world with. Listen to the news -- every interview is filled
   with, "We, in our group, think . . ." or "I want them to do
   something about it. . . ." "Satanism" reached its all-time low in
   an interview with a Texas "grotto" wherein a member whined for
   the camera, "If they're real Christians they'll leave us alone.
   All we want is to give our lives to the dark lord." "Satanism" is
   unfortunately fulfilling la Vey's dream as a symbol for a new
   identity, a tribalism lead by the few who still preserve a fetish
   for but not a true sense of self. Thirdly, although "Satanism"
   provides almost no spiritual friction (afterall, Butthead does
   it), it can provide an easy target for the brutal in our world.
   In short "Satanism" isn't an aid to the Initiate -- something
   much more RADICAL and Independent is called for.
   Our distancing needs to be filled with the statement that we are
   seeking a more radical form of the LHP, that is less bound to
   current cultural perceptions, and is more in line with a
   metacultural elitism. We seek to be immortal gods, not junkies
   who get off on how much they can shock society. La Vey's formula
   is based on the resistance between the individual and the Here
   and Now. It is a good formula, and one that any institution
   serious about furthering the LHP must use as a Gateway for those
   who, suddenly awakened, must seek it out.
   However, "Satanism" is not the exterior model. Rebellion is VERY
   meaningful when the Two Partners rule the world. Focus and
   Independence are the antinomian paths of today and are the
   gateways that attract those who would joins us in ruling the Age.
   For this, we must, as magicians and philosophers, carefully
   design our exterior gateways. We choose to attract a leaner,
   meaner Initiate. Not one who is glad to come to us because we
   have stepped away from "Satanism" like an old lady avoiding a
   puddle in the street, but one who fully sees we have gone beyond
   to a more radical taboo-breaking experiment, whose effects last
   longer than this life only.
   Let us further our rich historical background in studying
   antinomianism. Let us seek after the tradition of the LHP beyond
   those found opposing a Judeo-Christian culture (for example,
   reading Svoboda's Aghora: At the Left Hand of God). The Creation
   of a newer and more radical Dark is an activity not only for
   discussion, it is a Mission arsing out of our Bond with Set.
   As for those who would dwell under that banner and carp at us in
   our Change -- let us come to view them as the rich forest loam,
   and hope that amidst their rot some seeds may sprout to produce
   new and different schools which, although they may lack our
   precision, will be lesser gateways for those who would break with
   the weakness of the world. There will be great rejoicing in their
   camp, since they will perceive our exit as a victory. Of course
   for the large part they weren't around when we used the word
   "Satanist" to provide the friction and strength we need to become
   the international organization we are today. The sun never rises
   on the Temple of Set. What that camp knows not, and cannot know,
   is that by the Power of our Mandate we lay upon them the Curse of
   Truth; that is to say, the Curse of Not Forgetting, so that they
   shall come to revalorzie their symbols, and that they too will be
   drawn toward a better understanding of the Prince of Darkness.
   Having strengthened the word "Satanism," we leave it as a
   runestone to transform those unfit to join us.

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