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Aquino on Xepera-L

To: alt.satanism,alt.magick.chaos
From: "Mr. Scratch" 
Subject: Aquino on Xepera-L
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 19:49:34 -0800

Since certain Setians are so fond of sharing our personal information
(e.g. Message-ID: <>), I'll return the

The following statements concerning the subscribers of Xepera-L were
forwarded to me from the ToS IV* list. This discussion took place while
the IV* was reconsidering the continued existence of the Xepera-L e-list.  
Keep in mind that the "profane freeloaders" the Aquinos are talking about
include those outsiders who are friendly to their cause.  To the hierarchy
of the ToS however, it makes no difference; every dweller in "the world of
horrors" is an enemy, end of discussion.  In my opinion, held both as a
Setian and as a former member, this is a revolting and destructive
attitude similar to that of the islamofundies we are now at war with.

Xepera members ought to consider whether they appreciate the
characterizations of them discussed by the founder and manipulators of the
Temple they are examining.

Mr. Scratch
Priest of Set

---------Forwarded post----------

~From: "Michael A. Aquino" 
~Date: Tue Jul 10, 2001
~Subject: [Templeset4] Re: Xepera-L

To the issue:

(1) "Xepera-l doesn't take much IV*+ time, just
that of the III*."

The IV*+ should not dump a timedraining job like
this on any III*, no matter how willing they may
be to make the timesacrifice. Some will endeavor
to do it to "help out", "be good sports", etc.
It will suck their time, energy, nerves, and
eventually enthusiasm. [The same applies to II*s
& I*s who are trying to "hold up" the Temple on

(2) "Xepera-l provides a useful public relations
venue to show the rest of the world that we don't
sacrifice animals, etc."

A FAQ on our public website accomplishes the same
thing, and, unlike Xepera-l, doesn't have to be
endlessly repeated/reargued everytime the next
heckler, nut, provocateur, or dumbbunny shows
up on the list.

(3) "Xepera-l is a good way to pre-screen potential
new members."

Anyone can create any _persona_ he wishes on an
Internet talklist. If his goal is to impress a
III*, he can easily sing that song.

If we've learned anything over the last 26 years
on this topic, it's that anyone who wants badly
enough to get into the Temple of Set can usually
get the benefit of the doubt [unless he's a very
obvious nutcase]. It's that 2-year testingperiod
of the I* that establishes the truth. And this
is also a reminder that the II* Recognition process
is where the rubber meets the road - and I do not
mean "rubberstamp".

(4) "Anti-Xepera-l advocates are yelling louder than
Xepera-l supporters."

An overstatement. Xepera-l exists now, therefore its
supporters (who may more accurately be described as
"tolerators") don't have to go out of their way to
argue for it.

Those who think that Xepera-l is not a good idea,
for the above&other reasons, may [like myself]
have come to this conclusion only recently. If we
don't explain it, the rest of you may not understand

(5) Not a response, just a reminder: The Temple of
Set exists to benefit its Initiates, *not* the
World of Horrors. Every minute Setians devote to
operating a free classroom for profane freeloaders
is a minute less that the same Setians have for
their *own* initiation, as well as for cooperative
magical projects with other Setians. This is the

Michael Aquino

---------Forwarded post----------

~From: Lilith Aquino
~Date: Tue Jul 10, 2001
~Subject: Re: [TempleSet4] Re: Xepera-L

Dear Masters:

I was speaking with the ED and she was expressing her long frustration at
getting more than the same few members of the Priesthood III* to
interview/screen prospective members. Even when she does secure someone,
as often as not they drop the ball, or take so long to do it that it gets
ridiculous (3 to 4 months is excessive). It should only take a few (2)
weeks at most.

So my point here is, our Priesthood should be spending their time on these
kinds of responsibilities rather than on freeloaders on xepera-l.  Why
should we provide any more access to the Temple by non-members than they
can get via the info letter. If they are interested further they can ask
to be put in touch with someone who will answer a *limited* amount of
questions for a *limited* time. It's been suggested perhaps a section on
our website could be provided for this purpose, staffed by III* volunteers
for this purpose.


Lilith Aquino V*


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