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Announcing Radio Free Setian!

To: alt.pagan,alt.satanism,alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick
From: "Mr. Scratch" 
Subject: Re: Announcing Radio Free Setian!
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 18:28:48 -0700

This was originally posted to a single newsgroup.  I've added the other
newsgroups to the headers in my response.

(Foster's address altered)

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Public  wrote:

> James F Foster
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> United States of America
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I guess they've figured out that mail-bombing us with e-viruses isn't
going to work.  Time for new tactics, eh boys?

Yup, pay attention now folks.  This is how the ToS handles criticism: it
exposes its critic's home addresses on the internet.  Pure Setianology.

It's just a confirmation of cult-like activity the ToS directs toward
former members who don't keep it zipped.  See my examination of such
activities at .

Or, even better, see what Brother Lupo (who was also treated to such an
"outing" by the ToS when he didn't do as he was told) has to say about the
"dead-agent" techniques the Temple of Set has adopted. This from his
webpage somwhere, at :

-----forwarded text------

Actually, I first noticed it, and was even so kind as to manipulate
that moron Aquino into giving the world a demonstration of his
Scientology-like tactics.

For the record: 
1) The ToS/ Aquino censors the public actions of members of his cult.
This happened to me during my brief magazine subscription; Aquino 
demanded that I remove all mention of other Satanist groups from the
alt.satanism FAQ file because they were "dangerous" and/or "fraudulent."
It also happened to a number of publishers of independant LHP magazines, 
such as James Martin, publisher of Abraxas (who Aquino  accuses of being 
a pedophile, which is apparently inaccurate at best), 
Kerry Bolton (who later went on to found the OSV), and at least two other 
'zine publishers who were affiliated with their cult.

2) The ToS/Aquino uses embarassing information obtained while people are 
members of their cult to attempt to discredit or harass them later.
This is among the most odious of their tactics; I was "outed" and my 
workplace posted to the nets with the suggestion that people "pay me a 
visit" in an attempt to silence my criticisms of  their cult, and in an 
ongoing attempt to get me to modify the  alt.satanism FAQ to their favor. 

Nemo's (well known writer for "The Black Flame") name and address were
posted to the nets in an attempt to discredit him with _no_ provocation
whatsoever. I could name a half dozen other people this happened to;
Sterling Scarborough, Harry Mowry...

3) Aquino attempts to censor web-pages he doesn't like with SLAP style 
lawsuits; this recently happened to Cliff Low's BBS; Aquino threatened to 
sue him for defamation of charachter by allowing his user, Kevin FIlan, 
to include in his web-page a hilarious ditty at Aquino's expense. This 
has not been the first attempt to do so, but it is the first one to my 
knowledge, which attempts to use the Computer Decency Act to his

4) The Temple of Set has also unsuccessfully attempted to broach the 
secrecy of the remailer, again with threats of lawsuit. 
In a rather obvious analogue to the Co$ situation, their pretense was 
that someone posted their copyrighted "secret documents" using the 

5) The Temple of Set attempts to silence critics not affiliated with 
their group via public outings (for LHP occultists, this can be an 
extremely dangerous thing to do), and various dirt-digging methods.
Example; Aquino dug up as much dirt as possible about Anton LaVey's 
divorce proceedings and published it far and wide in an attempt to 
discredit him. Not all that different from the private detective work 
done on behalf of the Co$ to get dirt on critics. Another example; an 
independant publisher of the LHP magazine "Dark Lilly" published an 
article Aquino and his lackeys found threatening, so he and his Nazi pal, 
David Austen, decided to send her name and address some militant 
fundamentalist xians. SHe had to move for fear of her safety (she's 
apparently a cripple).
6) They have attempted to put "yes men" into the alt.satanism forum to
bolster their non-existant credibility. There were various posts from
allegedly "unaffiliated" LHP people, who all, strangely enough, came from
one of the Setian BBS's (fido nodes coming through Several
identities were so pathetically obvious as to cause regulars to laught out
loud; the "Toadal" being Mikey Aquino, "David Mitchel" being his
illiterate wife, Lillith. Balanone's incarnation was
laughably obvious; he even gave it away at one point by signing a piece of
private email to Hr Vad with his .sig.

7) More trivially, they are your typical mail-order cult in any number of
ways. They require large amounts of participation on the parts of their
members, to the extent that participation in the group becomes a central
organizing principle in their lives. They sponsor getaway
vacation/conventions which all members are required to attend. They have
strict heirarchy, a charismatic leader and apocalyptic prophecy (the
"Gifted of Set" are supposed to survive an upcoming apocalypse, according
to their Seminal document "The Book of COming Forth By Night" -though
lately they have been making noises that this is only a metaphorical
apocalypse {perrhaps to avoid legal intervention in the wake of other post
apocalytics, such as the Branch Davidians and the Solar Temple mass
suicides, and the Aum nerve gas attacks}, there was literal belief in this
passage as prophecy in the not-to recent past). They have a number of
secret documents which one must have certain levels of "attainment" to
read; much like the OT grade documents of Scientology. They have all
manner of bizarre theories about atlantis, ancient astronauts, "Tesla
Physics,"  a theory of creationism, holocaust revisionism, and so on...


----------end forwarded text------

Y'know, this might do for as a special edition broadcast from Radio

Anyway, let this serve as an example to you folks regarding the ToS'
highly touted "ethics."  What a joke.

Mr. Scratch
Priest of Set

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