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A Setian Manifesto

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   The main document of a group of sede vacante Setians calling themselves
   "The Cluster." We should point out that not only are we not affiliated with
   "The Cluster," we don't even know who any of them are. Still, interesting
   reading, no?

Subject: A Setian Manifesto

   14 JANUARY 2001


   The Cluster is One.
   We are unified, committed, and resolved to bringing forth long overdue
   changes and reforms within the Temple of Set. We believe we have been
   entrusted by Set, our Patron Deity, to protect and nurture what meager
   vestiges of the original purpose and glory of the Temple of Set remain, and
   to assist in bringing the TOS back to its original intended State of Being.
   Our anonymity is our greatest strength at this point in time. Would that we
   could sign our names to this document. However, given the present severely
   destructive and rancorous environment in which the current TOS "exists,";
   it would surely mean expulsion of members of The Cluster; and with our
   expulsion would probably go any last hope of returning the TOS to its
   originally intended State of Being.
   Apathy, denial, and delusion are rampant and spiraling out of control.
   These states of mentality are of Apep, not of Set.
   Sexual favors in exchange for "recognition" to a Degree have long been a
   persistent trouble in the Temple of Set, and not adequately challenged or
   discouraged. Originally, Recognitions were to be based SOLELY upon the
   individual's merits and evidence of Xeper. One of the major complaints
   against the Church of Satan was the selling of Degrees for money. We ask,
   based on the principle of the matter, what the difference is between
   Degrees for dollars and Degrees for sex? In principle: Nothing. The
   granting of Degrees in exchange for sexual favors is obvious prostitution
   and gross violation of the original principles of Recognition in the Temple
   of Set.
   While expulsion can be, and often is, vital and necessary to the health and
   benefit of an organization, we of The Cluster have grown alarmed at the
   increasing frequency of hair trigger expulsions. The expulsion within the
   year of an Adept may have contributed greatly to our receiving the
   resignation of a much beloved and productive Priest, who made
   time-consuming and earnest, repeated attempts to bring about positive and
   NEEDED changes in the warp and woof of the TOS, primarily. Unfortunately,
   his efforts seem to have fallen upon mostly deaf ears. We hope to change
   that. We were compelled to form after the expulsion of a Priest recently,
   the grounds of his dismissal of which we question. Surely it should not be
   difficult, if the need for expulsion or denial of readmission arises, for
   the task to be handled [according to each circumstance, of course] with a
   bit of tact and diplomacy by Nobles of Set!
   Witness one of the most recent aggressive outbursts of anger posted to
   alt.satanism by a husband concerning his wife, a former member of ours, who
   supposedly resigned due to grave health concerns and attempted readmission
   afterward. If for no other reason than our image, we could at least be
   mindful of the reputation of the TOS in the eyes of the profane who will
   read such posts as a consequence. Certain cases would go unposted to
   alt.satanism had the matter been handled initially with a bit of civility.
   It is as simple a matter to turn people away with some dignity and civility
   [if the situation merits] as it is to turn them away with hostility
   [depending, again, upon each unique circumstance]. Surely it should not be
   too difficult for Nobles of Set to assess how each specific circumstance
   should be addressed and/or handled, and act accordingly.
   The recent "Hell's Avenging Angels" phenomenon. This is not of The Cluster
   and will not be of The Cluster [we recently became aware of two persons
   behaving inappropriately, and they have been discharged from The Cluster.
   Obviously it would be pure hypocrisy for us to retain members who behave
   like the very people and behaviors we abhor, protest, and seek to
   neutralize]. However, we are not surprised at the emergence of this
   "group.” Given the current atmosphere of the Temple of Set, in which
   it has "existed" for too long now, it would have been surprising if such a
   "group" had NOT come stampeding into our midst to wreak havoc. YOU of the
   Temple of Set who have been content to merely stroke your egos, play games,
   turn a blind eye, deny the prostitution and corruption of the Principles
   upon which the TOS was originally founded, have inadvertently brought this
   upon our heads. And now we of The Cluster have the challenge of quelling
   these Agents of Apep as well.
   Sexual favors for Degrees; hair-trigger expulsions served out of petty
   spite; gross abuse of power; persons in positions of power based on their
   familial ties rather than any solid, concrete evidence of Worthiness; etc.
   Sounds like most everything for which the Church of Satan was denounced and
   parted ways with! There are those who would attempt to justify these
   behaviors by saying, "Oh, but we ARE Satanists." Yes, those people ARE
   Satanists. Precisely! We couldn't agree more! But this is to be the Temple
   of Set and we are to be Setians -- higher, better than, mere Satanists --
   correct? There are those who say, "We are the Church of Satan, grown up."
   This was intended to be the Temple of Set, not the Temple of Satan. And for
   too long we see, and have seen, precious little evidence of mature,
   responsible, sophisticated behavior within the Temple of Set.
   We are here to correct these problems.
   We do not recognize Don Webb as the High Priest of the Temple of Set. At
   this time we are without a High Priest/ess.
   We recognize only two Aeonic Words in the Temple of Set: Xeper, as Uttered
   by Magus Aquino, and Runa, as Uttered by Magus Flowers. "Remanifest" is
   considered by us defunct at the current time; however, we hope to be The
   Force which revitalizes this word and brings it back into the Temple of
   Set. After all, we are Working for the Ultimate Remanifestation of the
   Temple of Set: A strong, vibrant, grand Temple of our Patron Deity which
   will rival Its original glory. The apathy, decay, and stagnation which
   currently plagues the TOS is absolute evidence, in our eyes, of the defunct
   status of "Remanifestation."
   Hail Magus Aquino! It was you who Uttered "Xeper" and founded the Temple of
   Set. We implore you, Magus Aquino, to see the validity of what we say in
   this Manifesto. We urge you to peruse the earliest documents generated
   within the Temple of Set [c. 1975, 1976, 1977] and compare the superior
   quality and sharp-edged clarity of those documents [those principles,
   goals, guidelines, etc.] to the inferior "quality" of documents generated
   over the past decade. You were charged by Set to be the High Priest of the
   TOS. We sincerely request that you resume the office of High Priesthood;
   you alone are truly the only fit and capable person for that Office.
   The Founder of any organization is always its greatest strength, when he
   has truly loved and cherished it. We long to see a return of the TOS to
   what it was in its early, purer days. It is a sad historically-proven fact
   that when the Founder of an organization dies, the organization itself
   becomes a pale, limp shadow of its former self. The TOS, as it currently
   "exists" is ever-rapidly cycling down to that state. You, Magus Aquino, are
   in the unique position of being the only personage in the TOS who can take
   control of the helm and steer this Ship away from the ice berg upon which
   it threatens to run aground. We are doing what we can to prevent this, as
   entrusted to us by Set, but we are painfully aware of our limitations and
   small number. Magus Aquino, we beseech you to aid in returning the TOS to
   its former and originally intended purposes and glory while you are still
   young. Re-infuse and revitalize this organization with us, until your dying
   day, that it may be strong and purposeful again.
   It needs YOUR energy and Will to keep it going as long as possible after
   your death.
   Magus Aquino, we ask you with utmost sincerity: Has TOS 2001 lived up to
   the standards and expectations you envisioned in 1975? Your legacy and that
   of the TOS are inextricably interwoven. Were you to die today [Set
   forbid!], does TOS 2001 represent THE legacy you want to be remembered by?
   We hope the answer to these questions is a resounding NO.
   Recognition of and consistently continuing achievement based on QUALITY and
   EVIDENCE of MERIT have been sacrificed to ego-stroking, apathy, and
   Promising, bright members have often been passed over [sacrificed] in favor
   of ass kissers and game-players.
   Objective, sincere self-scrutiny and integrity [to both self and others]
   has been sacrificed to unwarranted conceit, denial, and abuse of power.
   Why, then, do you look around at what is currently happening in the TOS
   with dismay? Is this not the logical outcome? The tree will bear its fruit
   accordingly; the fruit of the current TOS is rotted and corrupt.
   ::TO CLOSE::
   The Cluster is One. We have been entrusted by Set to take back and reclaim
   what vestiges remain of the glory and worth of the TOS. We will do what is
   in our power to steer the TOS back onto the course of growth, evolution,
   and healthy CONSTRUCTIVE interaction. This organization which we love still
   has the capacity for unbounded potential.
   Those who are not for us are against us. And those who are against us are
   against the future of the Temple of Set.
   Should events unfold in the near future as we would like them to [a return
   to the true Temple purpose, goals, dignity, and integrity], we will
   disclose our identities then.

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