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Sacrificing animals

To: alt.magick
Subject: Re: Sacrificing animals
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 1997 17:17:42 -0600

In article <>, wrote:
> La Carmencita wrote:
> >
> > > > >> I am intrested in persons that are intrested in and people that might
> > > > >> experance in sacrificing small animals (rabbits, cats, puppies ect)
> > > >
> > > > >   Why?  Do you want to volunteer?  I'll be happy to sacrifice the
> > > > >next person I find killing animals in the name of religion.
> > > >
> > > > whatever you say, city boy.
> > > >
> > > > josh
> > >
> > >       OK, bumpkin.  So are you implying that you sacrifice little animals?
> >
> > Ritual sacrifice of animals is practiced in many traditions...isnt Kosher
> > meat killed in a certain way?
> > As long as youre killing animals, for food or shoes or whatever, why NOT
> > ritually sacrifice them? Better to raise a sheep yourself and kill it in
> > ritual, then to have it factory farmed and processed into a supermarket
> > product.
> >
> > I dont sacrifice animals, myself, or eat them or wear them, but thats me.
> > I dont see how ritual killing is any worse than any other kind of killing.
> >
> > -Nicole
> Ummm... I can't see this guy eating a puppy or a cat, not even making
> something USEFUL out of them... All *I* see is someone who has a lack of
> respect for the lives of animals... If it was a just the rabbit he was
> interested in, I could see him using it for food etc, but a puppy and a
> cat???
> Prof.Faust
> (who'd prefer to sacrifice a few useless humans during a ritual instead
> of man's best friend)

The ritual sacrifice of animals is still practiced in Hinduism today. 
(The Upanishads and Vedas refer to the ritual sacrifice of horses, and
tantric texts refer to the sacrifice of goats and other animals.) 
However, in Hinduism, the slaughter or sacrifice of cows is strictly
forbidden, in accordance with Vedic law.

Modern Santeria, Voodoo, and other religions derived from Africa
currently active in Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, the U.S., and other countries,
practice the ritual sacrifice of birds and other animals.  In Brazil,
ritual sacrifice of animals is a common occurance, and it is often seen,
as it is in Haiti.

Animal slaughter (including cow slaughter) as practiced in modern Judaism
is not a ritual sacrifice per se, but it is done in order to satisfy
Jewish dietary laws.  However, were the state of Israel to re-establish
the Temple of Jerusalem, animal sacrifice would undoubtedly return to
Judaism, as an annual animal sacrifice was a part of the traditional
Temple cult.  The Jews were falsely accused of human sacrifice (ritual
murder of Christian babies) during the Middle Ages, an accusation known
as "the blood libel," and which became the basis of numerous pogroms
against the Jews in Europe during the dark ages.

Animal sacrifice is unknown in Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, or Islam
in general.

The view in Buddhism is that sacrifice of animals is inconsistent with
compassion for all sentient beings, and thus it forms no part of ritual
in any Buddhist sect.  Likewise Christianity considers animal sacrifice
as unnecessary from a religious point of view, but animal slaughter
(including cow slaughter) is generally considered to be allowed by the
Christian religion for food production.

The Sikh religion also allows the practice of animal slaughter (with
certain restrictions), but does not make use of animal sacrifice in its
religious services.  The Jain religion is opposed to all animal sacrifice
or animal slaughter.  The slaughter of animals is allowed in Islam for
the purposes of food production, but it plays no religious role in the
sense of a sacrifice to Allah.

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