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Philosophy, Eastern and Western

To: alt.magick.tyagi
From: (mordred)
Subject: Philosophy, Eastern and Western
Date: 31 Jan 1995 22:41:18 -0800

As Nagarjuna showed and many other Eastern AND Western philosophers have
supported, language is an inherently dual structure.  Meaning comes of
contrast and comparison.  Unity cannot be expressed with dual-natured tools.

Entire idea-systems about unity may be composed out of these terms, but the
underlying duality of the basic building blocks remains.  Even the term
'unity' falls short of what is meant here.  Translations like 'nonduality'
have improved the situation, but still we must settle for a dualistic term
(as all terms are) to represent that which transcends dualism.

The BEST goal for philosophy (not necessarily the one which all those who
call themselves 'Philosophers' accept) is to contrast contradictory,
mutually exclusive thought-systems - paradigms - so as to gain a full
understanding of each and transcend them both in thought, leaving language
behind as the ladder for such an enterprise.

An example can be seen when explaining how light behaves like waves.  Then
we consider how light behaves like particles.  Contemplating and contrasting
these we understand, beyond the language, more about what light IS.  Then
we can go back to further experiment, hypothesis, analysis, synthesis,
philosophy, etc., etc.

The order of language is different than the order of reality.

I assert that Religion and Science describe the subjective and objective
perspectives of human experience fairly well.  Science compares and contrasts
a multitude of human perspectives on EXTERIOR sensation and forms a consensus.
Religion compares and contrasts expressions of a multitude of human
perspectives in INTERIOR experiences and establishes a ground from which to
relate (i.e. religion is NOT concensus-based and thus 'organized religion'
cannot serve an objective truth-revealing function).

Philosophy is a process whereby these two perspectives can be compared and
contrasted.  The goal is to perfect ALL perspectives in contrast with ideals
about each and to see not only where the boundaries of each lie, but how the
experience-based areas intersect (in the case of Religion and Science these 
cross-over fields include psychology, mysticism and the occult).

With regard to 'truths', Science establishes objective truths, which remain,
for all intents and purposes, speculations on probability (to a high degree
and therefore may be considered in the category of 'fact').  Religion
exposes subjective truths which, like in Science, must be tested in case
their conditions of veracity have changed (due to psycho-social evolution).

Philosophy (as I've defined it) may NEVER establish truths on its own.
This is because 'Philosophy ON ITS OWN' does not mean anything.  It is like
considering yoga without the people doing it.  Philosophy is a process of

The first step is to evaluate a position for logic and clarity.
The second step is to compare and contrast this position against its
	equally evaluated opposition.
The third is to re-evaluate both based on this contrast.
The fourth is to draw out truths that are contained within BOTH perspectives
	which seem consistent.
The fifth step is to draw out individual truths (which are of lesser value)
	from each position after the comparison.
The sixth step is to restructure both, taking into account parallels,
	patterns, and correlations between the opposed positions.
The last step is to begin the process again once the two opposed perspectives
	have been reconstructed with the new information obtained.

In short, armed with numerous battlefield perspectives we assume a superior
position.  Our comprehension increases and our advantage on the field is
magnified by our vision.

Philosophy is a process whereby we may come to know MANY perspectives
(sometimes in apparent contradiction) and, given a careful reconciliation
of these, we can come to know greater truths than may be expressed in
mere words.

"I went in to the body shop. I said to the guy, 
'I want stereo FM installed in my teeth, and take this mole off my back, 
 and put it on my cheek, and while I'm here, why don't you give me some of 
 those high-heeled feet?'

And he said 'Please!  There's no guarantees.  Nature's got rules and
 Nature's got laws, and if you cross Her look out for the monkey's paw!!...

She's saying 'Give me five!', she's saying 'Bye bye!'" 

Laurie Anderson

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