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Pantheon-of-the-Month Club?

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic,alt.witchcraft,alt.lucky.w,alt.pagan,alt.religion.wicca
From: lorax666 
Subject: Pantheon-of-the-Month Club? (was Re: Casting Spells)
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 09:26:39 GMT

let's see, there's a god MOT whose name *also* starts with an 'M'!

50020323 happy kaos day! it's March, what god are we worshipping today?
                                     why of course, Kali! (Eoghan Ballard):
> ...scads of Neo-Celtic Neo-Pagan whatever wiccans ....
> Why do you think so many of them are card carrying members 
> of the "Pantheon of the Month Club?"

perhaps they want all the gods to be worshipped and want to see 
how worship differs from god to god. maybe they love to worship,
but they are not cut-out for religious stability. I'll bet some
are newbies to anything outside the religion of their youth, 
get mixed up in something about which they know little, and,
enjoying it, later discover greener pastures in whatever they 
explore next. only prejudice against freedom of religion or
assessments about the frivolty and fairweather attitude of
people whom we know little complains of pantheism of the kind that
enables every worshipper to pray as he or she sees fit. I don't
think you're trying to do that, just venting off steam at what
you perceive (possibly quite rightly) to be lack of dedication. 

the cementation of social strata by licensing priests and 
restriction of participant designation of worship-object (through
monetary hurdles, or social pressure, for example), in other
religious cultures tends to prevent the kind of power and
autonomy an individual worshipper might have that would enable 
them to change gods of worship (and especially to define for
oneself *how* that god ought be worshipped, rather than being
told this by other religious. who can blame them after a youth 
full to the brim of ham and eggs, they begin to sample the 
cuisine from all manner of terran hotspots?

arguably they are engaged in magic which religious might find 
objectionable (taking religious authority into their own hands,
communing with the god directly rather than through people who
apparently already worship the god). if it can be shown that 
they are doing it with intent to defame or wrest control from 
the people of the religions with which they "dally", then I can 
see the value of the complaint. otherwise the criticism seems 
misplaced and overharsh. let's have a GOD-OF-THE-DAY Club!
isn't that what the Roman Catholics did with the saints?
blessed beast!


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