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Mass and the single girl

Subject: Re: Mass and the single girl
Date: Mon,  6 Oct 1997 19:22:11, -0500

Dear Renfield:

Technically the trasformation, transubstantiation, consecration of 
the host and wine, thereby 
transforming it into the Body and Blood of Christ, is a miracle.  It 
is not dependant on the priest being in 
good graces with God .  

The priest acts "In persona Christi", the act is not a personal act 
but what is called "actio Christi" an action of Christ and is more of 
a gateway and representative for the Holy Spirit to come 
down and God to transform the host and wine. In fact Christ is 
considered the eternal priest and sacrifce, and so all priest follow 
him in that sense.  The priest is what is called the "causa 
instrumentalis" or instrument in the hands of Christ.   The priest 
must trigger this but it is not the priest per se, the priest is the 
tool of God so to speak and even if that tool becomes twisted etc. it 
still may allow the power of God to flow through to his people in the 

A large crowd has nothing to do with with charging etc. as our belief 
system indicates God is the one consecrating as the priest is persona 
Christi, God is actually doing it.  One answer for why we gather in 
community is that we are a celebrating people and the Mass is a 
celebration.  There is much scripture about worship however.  Indeed 
we are all part of the Mystical Body of Christ so as we worship 
together and pray together and for one another, including the 
Communion of Saints which is yes the deceased praying for us but 
never seperated from that Mystical Body which is all of us, and for 
which the priest is the shepherd.   We are not indeliably marked by 
the Power of God coming down upon us as part of a Sacrament, the 
Sacrament of Holy Orders.  A summary of Vatican Teachings states: 
"Priests are members of the People of God who are ordained to the 
priesthood, dedicated to serving the community.  The priestly 
annointing forms the priest after Christ the Priest and enables him 
to administer God's mysteries."

Currently the Roman Catholic Church will not allow female priests, or 
priestesses as some would call them and while there are some 
scriptural reasons  there are practical reasons as well, 
but on this ground I am shaky, so please dont leap out of the word 
work about it, because I am unsure.

The authority to do these things is through direct Apostolic 
Succession meaning the unbroken passing down of authority from Jesus 
to his Apostles to Bishops who pass it on to new bishops and priests. 
Concering the actual blood and body of Christ, it is considered to 
have the essence of that reality, not actually turn into blood and 
flesh to the visible eye.  Somewhat like the fact many believe in 
auras or other things unseen.  Part of the Nicene Creed of the Church 
is "belief in things seen and unseen.

"What is a Priest?", our august Bishop Stockums says: "Nihil et omnia 
- nothing of himself, but everything through God."

                          Doc Fox

If God is the reason for everything, is there anything more important 
than the reason for everything?
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