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Magickal Orders/Groups

To: FiatLVX Christian Magick Elist
From: tyagi mordred nagasiva 
Subject: Re: Magickal Orders/Groups
Date: Kali Yuga 49941103

Quoting: |anonymous
|I'd like to point out here that joining an esoteric Order is often
|expensive, the "secrets" can be found in a number of published books,
|and there's no guarantee that what you learn is True (they may be
|sincere yet sincerely wrong).  A large number (if not most) mail
|order correspondance courses are little more than an expensive way
|to buy a book one page at a time.  What to look for is the style
|and community that meets your needs.  

I'd like to emphasize the words above and add my own perspective.
I'm mostly a hermit.  That is, I generally do not interact with
groups of people and I have few friends or acqaintances with whom
I spend my time.  I have, over the years, frequented local groups
and spent some of my time discovering the doctrines and values
which these groups had to offer me.  My intent was not so much to
join them as to come to understand them.

I found that, just as [anonymous] says, joining esoteric orders can
be quite expensive (which was, given my rather consistent vow of
poverty, prohibitive).  Not only in money, but also in time and
emotional energy.  Social involvement of this type can become a
drain on any person with a sincere intent to remain compassionate.

As he also says the 'secrets' are usually published, and I would
point out further that many people within the organizations don't
even understand that there are multiple levels to these 'secrets'.
Oh sure, they are aware that they are published, but quite often
I find that those who join organizations are in them for the social
benefits which they allow, and the complexity of the arcane matters
that the groups ostensibly study is quite often lost in a rush to
'know what it means'.  The better groups keep things undefined and
encourage meditation upon the Mysteries, accepting whatever aspirants
might discover as unique and valuable revelation, but I've yet to
encounter many of these.  More often they have an approved dogma.

Regarding 'Truth' and mail-correspondence, I've found it best to
presume that no single perspective is true in this sense, and that
each have their application.  Mail-correspondence courses are
exactly what Christopher says unless they inspire the student in
a way which a static book would not.  Sometimes breaking down the
information and exercises into bite-sized pieces allows the student
time and initiative where a dense text might prove overwhelming.

My understanding is that esoteric groups function best as sources of
support during troubling times, hints for the occasional difficulty
one is having with one's personal studies, a corps of individuals
who may be interested in coordinating ceremony or group rite, and
a feeling of community which is becoming more and more difficult
to encounter in today's urban landscape.  Of course along with these
benefits come all the various political difficulties that a conflu-
ence of intelligent human beings usually includes. :>
tyagi nagasiva
House of Kaos - the biggest human group (4) I've found that 
		consistently yields return on my time and energy.

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