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Lolth/Xastur compilation file

Subject: Lolth/Xastur compilation file

Role-playing Games
Subtext: Drow

Drow.  The Dark Elves.  Those Who Have
Turned to Evil.  In elven tongues, they are
referred to by seveal names: "tirl
aukhbhet-ess," "tuer lothnil," and "duiss
aszbhar."  All of these translate to "The
Accursed."  The elegant, dark and deadly
drow are a hated and feared race.

In the dangerous caverns of the Underdark
dwell many horrible monsters, including
the drow.  Obsidian-skinned kin to elves,
this fell race has won mastery of magic --
and a cruel reputation....

_The Drow of the Underdark_, Ed Greenwood, 1991 TSR, p. 3.

Subtext: Drow Society

Drow society is strongly matriarchal, 
with females holding all positions of
power and responsibility in government,
the military, and in the home.  Males are
effective fighters, and can become priests
and wizards of minor power.  Outside
drow communities, they are rarely 
encountered without female commanders.

Male-commanded drow groups are generally
either *streeakh*, "suicide squads" or
are *dobluth* (outcasts) who have rejected
the traditional authority-structure of the

Ibid, p. 13.

Subtext: Drow, Spiders and Lolth

Drow have a strong affinity for arachnids.
Most of them worship the spider goddess,
Lolth, whose priestesses dominate drow
society ....

Even among drow who do not worship
Lolth, an affinity for arachnids is strong.
Spiders and similar creatures often dwell
among drow communities, and are prominent
in drow sculpture, art, and fashion....

Ibid, p 13.

Subtext: Worshipping Lolth

In a Lolth-worshipping drow community, it
is a deadly thing to slaw a matron mother
who holds Lolth's favor, so mothers may
reign for hundreds and even thousands
of years, kept alive by the magic of Lolth
and the diligent service they perform to
get and keep it....

...the worship of Lolth and the summoning
of denizens who serve her.

Ibid, p. 17.

LOLTH (minor goddess)

Lolth is a cruel, capricious goddess,
thought by many to be insane.  She
delights in setting her worshippers
at each other's throats, so that the
strongest, most devious and cruel will
survive to serve her.  Lolth roams the 
Realms often, appearing in answer to
the rituals of drow priestesses, and w
working whatever harm she can to the
enemies of the drow.  She secretly wants
to be worshipped by humans and elves
of the surface Realms, and sometimes
journies among their communities, 
whispering of the power Lolth can bring.

_Roleplaying Notes:_  Lolth is malicious
in her dealings, and coldly vicious in
a fight.  She enjoys causing death,
destruction, and painful torture.

Even more, Lolth enjoys corrupting elves
and humans to her service.  In drow form,
her direct physical embrace can act as a
*charm person* (save at -4) on a human or
demi-human of either sex....  

Lolth can appear kind, rendering aid to
those she fancies -- but she really cares
only for herself; her favor and aid can
never be relied on....

_Lolth's Avatar_...

Lolth's avatar appears in the Realms as a
giant black widow spider, but prefers to
change into the form of a human-sized,
exquisitely beautiful female drow.  She
can also combine the two forms, appearing
as a spider with a coldly beautiful female
drow head.  This is believed to be her 'true'

Lolth can call on any school of magic for
her spells, and is not harmed by discom-
fited by light.  She enjoys the company of
spiders of all sorts; when in drow form,
she often clothes herself entirely in cling-
ing spiders....

Ibid, pp. 34-5.



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