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Jesus as a Telesmatic Image

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From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Re: Jesus as a Telesmatic Image (was Re: Gods vs Goddesses)
Date: 14 Dec 1998 13:42:01 -0600

49981214 IIIom Hail ICThYS!

#> ...according to the legend it was Jesus that was crucified on 
#> the cross. Jesus represents the material and it is the material 
#> that we must sacrifice to become spiritualized. A Son of
#> God is an illuminated Soul and has conquered death.

as if legend is necessary or monolithic.  there are legends (Muslim)
that Jesus wasn't actually crucified but substituted for symbolic
(stage) value.  I think that legends should be considered the fictions
they are and analyzed based on motifs and similarities to other
legends.  this is what has been done by academics to folk and 
religious tales for centuries and it should not be omitted from 
the Christian tales merely because it may be one's favored religion.

Polar Bear :
# ...if we followed Jesus's way then we all become sons and 
# daughters of God. 

I like this formulaic approach to evaluating the stories about Jesus
the Christ.  it enables us to see clearly that they *are* stories,
mysteries of import to the human species, and that they describe a
role with respect to oneself and the rest of the species.  in this
way we can see that most of the world's religious innovators have
been Christs (sages, saviors, prophets) doing about the same thing, 
instructing different formulae but serving as the same type of ideals.  

using Occam's razor, I feel that before a certain point in history
all stories of Great Persons are better treated as myths (not 
dismissed as false but understood for the very real psychospiritual 
mystery that they have to teach us about ourselves and our global 
human culture) and separated from any single human organization or 

the question then becomes: 'what is a "Child of God" and how does
one become such a thing?'  the answer can be discerned fairly
easily by poring over one's favorite legends of individuals who
can be associated with entry into this role (god, child of a god, 
emissary of a god, immortal, sage, savior, prophet, etc.).  

the New Testament (to remain true to the Subject-header here) has 
some very good descriptions in metaphor of how this can be done.  
I have set about this myself while isolating for esotericists
everywhere the apparent, significant touch-points contained with
the popular Jesus legends (there are of course others which the 
Christian establishment has rejected, and I recommend that these 
also be reviewed).  you can find my analysis at:

within the files containing the abbreviation "xtianmgk".

# But Jesus is special in the sense that he was not merely
# a son of God, but *the* Son of God, the second member
# of the tripartite Jewish/Christian/Muslim God.

only for devotionals who cannot see their way to approximating
the divine themselves.  it is a kind of fundamentalist dualism
which does not admit of the identity between the worshipper and
the worshipped.  it serves the devotional and the Herd who wants
the Elite to rule them, but those who are magical in their
tendency (as were most of the prophets and sages by legendary
accounts, natch ;>), will require less separation in order to
attain to the mystical depths.

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