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Hucksterism, Satanism and the New Age

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Subject: Hucksterism, Satanism and the New Age
From: (nigris (333))
Date:  5 Dec 96 21:15:33 GMT

49961204 AA1  The Revolution of Satan!


#>all religious are carnival hucksters.  the co-option of the Tool of
#>Condemnation is not only a smooth work which must be accomplished by
#>the wily, but a lasting service which opens the door to real liberation
#>through consistent revelation of organized religious falsification. (Tom Catlett-Tetzlaff):
#"Ye are against the people, O my chosen", and Crowley knew it.  This is why
#the element is so obvious in Thelema....

thus 'Satanic' (Adversarial).

#...It doesn't matter if the thelemic offshoots that are mere carnival 
#and pocketpick give no Light of their own - there's a seeker born every 
#minute, and many will find their Great Work only by exposure to that 
#which isn't, but close.

please explain for us how you can tell what is and is not part of the
"Great Work".  what do these (presumably) organized entities provide
for its membership?  how can you tell that they are 'legitimate' and
what makes an organization 'Thelemic' by your standards?

I think you may be mixing up charitable orgs with Rosicrucians.

#>...most of the history of magick is peppered with various hucksters 
#>who were able to survive in modern sources as 'mysterious purveyors 
#>of amazing powers'.
#So where's MY cut??!?

not online yet.  it appears that the biggest money is to be made in
publishing offline and offering seminars, workshops and, possibly,
expensive correspondence courses (all using information which can
now be obtained online for free!  especially that information which 
is, for your society, considered taboo, but legal to engage!  it's
all about scarcity of information, after all).

so get yourself a hi-filutin org-association and begin claiming
some authority (our society is very org-centric), maybe begin to
identify yourself with respect to great org-slave icons like the 
Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, Osho, Crowley, or any number of 
others, and put it in writing which sounds *as if* it has some 
esoteric meaning and value.

it is better to shroud it all in secrecy so that you can cover up
how little you know, hint at what Great Work is to come, and to
generally lead the aspirant on by the nose, fleecing hir of hir
hard-earned buckeroos every step of the way!

#Praise "BoB".  Tell me more about how I am the root of all money.  Or I
#have money in my root.  Or something.  OYN vey.

absolutely!  money is of the base-chakra, which is not *bad*, like certain
Body-of-Light Rosicrucians would have you believe, but is merely somewhat
*complex*.  it is an economic technology which few have really figured out
how to relate to, how to manipulate effectively toward desired ends, and
generally is something which isn't instructed to the public (like other 
power-based techiks such as sexuality and the engagement of psychoactives).

#>...Satanism is Thelemic.

#...the power of the 'Satanic faith' arose from the original use of the 
#satan-construct as a stick to beat the unorthodox with, 

did it?  you are an authority on this subject?  :>  ever heard of the
various writers and mystics/shamans who dwelt in Europe and had severe
fascination with this schtick?  some of these have been considered somewhat
fundamental to 'erudite society' as I understand it, even taking their
place as 'fundamental European standards of civilization'.  check out
people like Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Goethe, and various others which
T.Maroney and I have mentioned in the course of our posts (to be found
within the T93-L Archives and eventually I'll fabricate a 'history of
Satanism' REF).  I'm sure there is a variety where Satan is concerned.
that is, after all, what Satan is about! (diversity and the sovereignty
of the individual)

#and a boogeyman to frighten minors and morons, 

surely you refer to what modern Satanist LaVey calls 'the best friend
the Church ever had'!  we all know that society's Shadow is a bogey.
today only the real fundamentalists are still afraid of it, and it is a
pretty good goad for driving the herd when we can't draw them on with
carrots.  if the Church has lost its rabbit-food formula, that's just
more incentive to fabricate a new society based on more reasonable
standards of incentive and domination, ain't it?  

#rather than modern reinterpretation based on an original pre-xtian 

'pre-xtian practice'?  I thought only silly Neopagans believed that
we were able to 'reconstruct' these types of things.  well, I take
that back, there are some silly Setians going about it, though 
perhaps not too well (being a strong critic of 'historical religious
reconstructionism' and seeing quite a lot of fantasy-deception on
the part of modern organizations whose reputations have been built
on precisely this type of charlatanry -- including my own Order!).

#>that 'Thelema' has been corralled and co-opted
#>by various Gnostic religious as some form of Christo-phallicism says nothing
#>for its continuance as any sort of religion.  in fact, organization itself
#>and the attempted resuscitation of mysticism-qua-religion lends the
#>honest researcher to reject outright the 'Thelemicity' of 'Thelema'.

#Are you saying the duck does not quack in a manner you consider ducklike?

what duck?  Thelema isn't some body of people, it is a *current*.  currents
don't walk and quack, they reform, change course, move through people, and
generally behave more like clouds and rivers than ducks.  think of Nellie,
the Loch Ness Monster, surfacing and diving deep occasionally as per Her Will.

#Thelema is Will.  If one wills their tools to resemble those in days of
#yore, and the tools work, then "Success is your proof..."

("ok Eliphas, now watch carefully.  we take this batch of books here, steal 
  some of their contents, rewrite some of the others (don't bother referring
  to the blokes what originated any of it mind you), put it in this Shiny,
  New Package, and sell it again at twice the price!  but Waite, there's more.
  then we invent some new Cause to root for, something we can pretend Will
  lead to freedom or libertinism or licentiousness, but we'll really sell out 
  with slavish org-following asceticism.  Cause goes on the cover too.  watch
  and see, people will buy it up like hotcakes!  remember 'Success is thy 
  proof...'!  the Mercantile Motto, natch! ;> ")

#Which Gnostic 'religions'?  EGC?  

I said 'Gnostic religious'.  I meant by this some new brand of 'Thelemic
Gnosticism' that is supposed to tie itself to Kabbalah, Crowleyanity,
Egypt, the Old Gods, etc., etc.  there seems to be an awful lot of
Gnostic-religion chunks floating about in what some call 'Thelema', and
not just in the EGC.  I'm not convinced it is anything but New Slavery,
but am open to alternative perspectives.

#...Phallicism coexisted with Gnosis before Xtianity, I believe (see 
#Richard Payne Knight's history of Priapic worship (title escapes me)) 

_Worship of Priapus_ I think.  great book!  he was a 'Sir'!  when I 
said 'Christo-Phallicism' I was talking about the COTO and Crowley's 
apparent focus on sex magick which is sacrifice-oriented and 
male/phallic-centered as some sort of Masculine-God-Semen-Creation-Formula.

if you have different information about its 'supreme secrets' (I
admit to blatant ignorance beyond what 'corrupted' information I
have within that F.King d00d and a few odd nasty sharings (did that
Francis have a middle name that started with U?)) I welcome your 
correction if you can do it without breaking your oaths of secrecy 
(I can't break mine, they're all 'magical', natch!).

#- so many elements you may see as "christian" are probably ones 
#that Xists have co-opted for their benefit.  

I was treading the previous lines of 'Christ/Jesus/Osiris/Old Aeon',
playing some Crowley-themes but putting it in modern terminology
of Satanists (who are the new inheritors of Thelema (! :>)).

#Much as Satanism co-opted the Xtian/Muslim/Hebrew "badguy" for 
#its own energy.

oh that's been happening for a long long time.  started out with
Jews and Christians co-opting Hir from personal to cosmological
entity as written about in the Book of Enoch (Torah, I think)
and Bible (Isaiah), extending past scripture into popular folk
tradition of great Faustian legend.  then Christian mystics in
Rosicrucian, Thelemic (Crowley!) and Wiccan (Leland!) movements
got into the act too and Satanism is sort of the Icing on the Cake!

some of the band kind of tried to bypass the bus-route with relation 
to "fantasy-horror" prophets like Lovecraft, but this may be too soon
and too extra-terrestrial (see Aquino, Grant, others) and too late in
the game to work in such 'obvious fiction'!

Hail Satan!

nigris (333) 

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