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> I tried to get into the Rashneeshparam, but they didn't want some
> wandering hemp-strewn nomad coming in off the road and muddying
> their floors. perhaps we could have learned something from one
> another. maybe I saved myself some trouble. perhaps I wasn't
> dedicated enough to recognize the ordeal and return. ;>

ThatÕs a positive way of looking at it, and perhaps itÕs correct. There 
is, IMO, a lot in OshoÕs teachings to learn, and he is certainly very 
important in the history of Neo-Tantra. Unfortunately, things around him 
became, uh, bizarre and, IMO, contrary to what he taught. Many would 
claim that he was infected with some of the nastiness that eventually 
destroyed Rajneeshparam, pointing to his numerous Rolls Royces as an 
example of his attachments. When you look at the prices or some 
Neo-Tantric teachers, and the locations of their workshops, his cars 
seem to be in harmony with the system.

> I'm studying with my partner and wife. she is an education in
> process, a true fount and inspiration.

As she has been to many, many of us.

Uh, by her writings and website, I mean.


> it wasn't the right time to visit with Bhagavan Das while he was
> local to me for some reason. I was waiting for a sign. 
> many instances of mention of Kalimandir and a recent meeting with
> a devotee of Kali have provided me with incentive to venture off
> with sri catyananda to do puja with some other Westerners.

Down is So. Cal?

> so.... what is a workshop and why would I want to attend one?

ThatÕs a good question. The following is ONLY my definition and IÕm 
going to be very unspecific as there is much overlap.

A CLASS in Traditional or Neo-Tantra is generally SHORTER and features 
an instructor who tells you ABOUT the subjects.

A WORKSHOP in these subjects is generally LONGER, sometimes extending 
into several days. The focus is on having the participants DOING 
exercises and techniques rather than simply learning about them.

Some classes have students practice exercises. Some workshops are as 
short or shorter than in-depth classes.

Why would someone want to attend one?
Because Tantra, IMO, is not about theory and Òbook larning.Ò It is about 

There are many aspects of Tantric Practice which have either never been 
published or have, IMO, never been adequately described. For example, 
anyone who repeats bija mantras hundreds of thousands of times but has 
not learned the proper methods of vocalization will find their hard word 
unsuccessful. Going to a workshop where your teacher makes sure you know 
how to vocalize the bija mantras (generally a kriya tantra workshop 
after the fashion of Babaji) can solve it in a few minutes.

Learning that with Tantric Sadhana you should include the kechari mudra, 
and then practicing that mudra while involved in other practices in the 
workshop makes the mudra, pranayams and dharana second nature. That way 
they are naturally (sahaja) part of your work when involved in 
intercourse so that instead of it just being sex or love making it 
becomes maithuna.

I compare this to massage. In spite of the fact that there are many 
books on the subject, I do not think you can learn massage that way.

But let me take that one step further. Once you go to a series of 
lessons where you learn massage by doing it on others, having them do it 
on you (so you know what receiving is like) and have an instructor who 
guides and corrects you, it is then possible to add to what you know 
through books.

On the other hand, I recently received a Thai Healing Massage. It is 
almost more of a set of yoga asanas with a partner than it is what we 
think of as a massage. My maseusse moved smoothly and easily from one 
posture into another. Her body intertwined with mine so that the massage 
was almost like a dance.

There are a few books on Thai massage. But I do not think she could have 
learned how to easily move from one position to another without seeing 
it demonstrated and having a teacher help her through the movements.

Well, perhaps she could have learned it from a book and with a partner, 
but it would have been very time consuming, she may have made errors and 
the movement from one position to another probably would not have been 
as smooth.

Just my 2¢. YMMV


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