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The Tantra

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     Promoting Positive Christian Intimacy & Sexuality
      Tantra: The Old Lost Art Of Fulfilling Sexuality

Our Sexually Immature Culture
Our society is full of tease, titillation and men taught to look at women
as sex objects. We have no meaningful intimacy education and never will
until we drop the false sexual repressiveness of religion used for
controlling people and reorient ourselves towards loving sexual

We are not born naturally good at sex and we have little or no training in
sexuality other than by hit and miss experimentation.  We are largely
conditioned by a belief system that often instills guilt, fear, insecurity
or shame in our sexuality.  We need to take back sexuality and integrate it
with our spirits in a way that results in much more love, intimacy and
fulfillment than what our culture has taught us. That is the basic teaching
of Tantra.

Many couples have terrible sexual relations, since they have never been
taught fulfilling sexuality, which doesn't just come naturally hiding by
yourselves in a dark bedroom. Men especially often have no idea how to give
maximum pleasure to a women.  Real responsible sex education is needed, not
Christian repression based on mistranslated or misinterpreted scripture.

New Age Ideas Becoming Popular Again
Many warm, open people are attracted to New Age and Eastern beliefs. Many
flee from the anti-sex, anti-body teaching of many Christians but falsely
think they have to give up Christianity to be sexually open and fulfilled.

Tantra Teaching Needed
Not Christian Repression Tantra is an example of powerful integration of
spirit and body in a positive, uplifting, healing way. Christianity has
left it to the pagans to discover the possibilities in these areas while
Christians in their blind prudishness and sexual puritanism wander around
missing a kind of growth and fulfillment whose potential for spiritual good
is incalculable.

Millions of couples have learned through Tantra to more fully share
spiritually, have more awareness of themselves and their love for each
other as a permanent part of their relationship.  For couples who want to
enrich their relationship, it can bring harmony between them and increase
their sexual pleasure and intimacy.  In sum, Tantric sex can create an
extraordinary partnership between a couple.

Christian Tantra
By excluding the Hindu ideas, Tantra can help integrate positive sexuality
with Christianity. Tantra teaches positive sexuality and ways of emotional,
spiritual and physical communication which is far more meaningful than
Christian repression.  I uphold the Tantra teachings that can be so easily
adopted into a Christian view. Christian Tantra differs from ancient Tantra
only in its spiritual definitions, but most of the techniques are the same.
Tantra deals with the unity of cosmic consciousness with the psychic energy
centers of the body called Chakras, with the goal of self-actualization,
personal integration with the universe, with breathing and yoga type
meditation to make oneself in harmony with the universe. Christian Tantra
communicates God s love for each other and desire to empower each other
with love of God, each other and the world through a spiritual
communication of the Holy Spirit within us.  The specific communication and
physical techniques are powerful for both Hindus and Christians.

Sample Of Tantra Techniques
Tantra techniques are specific high touch positions that in modern day
science are known to provide positive medical results within the body. Also
included are many sexual positions that are much more physically
stimulating, especially for women, and convey more love, acceptance as a
person and trust than the usual thrusting or usual positions. But much of
it is non-genitally oriented and non-intercourse sexuality which few men
have experienced but any women find so much more emotionally healing than
just sex .

Nurturing positions without sexual contact, to nurture each other by our
bodies and spirits communicating acceptance, trust, and harmony between
each other.

Exploration and getting to know you techniques very much the same as used
by sex surrogates in California (where it is a respected part of
professional sex therapy) used to teach being comfortable with our
sexuality which does not involve intercourse.

Restoring harmony after a fight or knowing how to reconnect with your
partner. Most arguments stem from and escalate out of the fact that one
partner is communicating by logic, the other emotionally. This duality is
the result of couples speaking two different languages and neither  gets
what the other is trying to say.  The logical partner will remain certain
about the  rightness  of his or her convictions, because they make perfect
sense.  The emotional partner will continue in his or her position because
the truth of feelings cannot be denied. The emotional person doesn't need
to be convinced - in fact, can't be convinced, because that requires a
logical mind and for now the emotional mind is in charge. The emotional
partner wants only to be heard, held, and loved: only wants harmony
restored.  Both partners need to be able to let go, lie down together and
practice physical nurturing (not sex), as a means of getting back together
and restoring love and harmony even in agreeing to disagree, but trying to
understand why each is reacting as they are.  Then, no-fault communications
needs to be established, both apologize for their part in the disagreement,
and affirm their love and their desire to restore harmony by forgiving each

Five levels of orgasmic experience for women and how to overcome blocks
that get in the way of what God intended to be women s most enjoyable
physical experience. The five levels are preorgasmic, sometimes orgasmic,
orgasmic, multiple orgasms (the fourth of July fireworks), and extended, or
Wave of Bliss level which lasts a long time and can include female
ejaculation of  nectar of the Goddess (amrita) in Tantra. Sexologists have
only recently discovered this, but its been known for centuries in Tantra.

Awakening The Sacred Spot is seldom done by accident but only with a
partner, over time, who has been trained to awaken the most powerful
possible female sexual organ resulting in whatm many women say is the  best
of the best orgasm.  Again, sexologists are now confirming what has been
lost for centuries, but taught as basic ancient Tantra.

These are just some of the many Tantric techniques that should be taught in
modern culture. The result would be more love, more emotional and spiritual
fulfillment as well as intimacy and positive sexuality that has been
falsely repressed far too long.

Brief History of Tantra
Tantra refers to a series of esoteric Hindu books that describe certain
sexual rituals and meditations. These ancient Indian books, over two
thousand years old, were written in the form of a dialogue between the
Hindu god Shiva, who is  the penetrating power of focused energy,  and his
consort, Shakti, who represents the female creative force.  The Hindu
Tantras enjoyed sexual play and sexual union as an act of joyful
celebration, as a demonstration of connectedness, as a symbolic affirmation
of the unity inherent in a couple s relationship. The skills are bringing
previously unheard of fulfillment to many couples practicing Tantra

What was amazing to me is that many of the 20th Century sexual  discoveries
are the same techniques Tantra has taught for 2000 years.  For example the
G-spot is nothing more than the  Sacred Spot  of Tantra and the newest CAT
(Clitoral Alignment Technique) is also this old.  But with our society s
sexual repression, it has taken us much longer to learn about our sexuality
than in ancient days.

Our Desire For Spiritual Partnership In A Significant Relationship The free
love days did not result in lasting fulfilling relationships since it was
more  me  centered rather than you  uplifting.  The AIDS scare has further
made lasting relationships more important. Couples today are looking for a
commitment from each other, but a special kind of commitment - one that
contains spiritual as well as a physical elements and emotional and
psychological aspects as well as material ones.

Lets Help Create A We Generation
In biblical times, marriages were prearranged by fathers based on
negotiating a marriage price and cultural factors which had nothing to do
with the couple loving each other. In the 1940s war romanticized
relationships at the same time it tore them apart. Then came the sexual
revolution of the sixties and women claiming their right to their own
sexual enjoyment of the seventies. The eighties, the post-sexual-revolution
era, brought a time of personal freedom of the  me  generation. Now, as we
approach the turning of another century, men and women want to face life
together. This may be the start of the  we  generation, a generation that
desires an end to the battle of the sexes and the beginning of a new form
of relationship in which partners work together as a team to satisfy needs,
uplift one another, and journey together toward personal growth and sexual
and spiritual fulfillment.

We Seek A Passionate Partnership
The sparks of passionate love ignite in a new relationship. Passionate love
makes your blood almost pulse inside you, makes you  glow  and you are
drawn to each other like a magnet. This love expresses itself sexually; it
is so nourishing you can't get enough of one another.

Love is not necessarily blind, as Shakespeare claimed, but it is an altered
state. Physicians tell us that, biochemically, love has many of the same
exhilarating effects that amphetamines produce, but love is a natural high.
The immune system can be strengthened by love; white blood cells perform
better and we feel terrific!

But as time passes, this passionate love often diminishes because passion
is an energy that depends on other energy for its survival. When love
begins to stagnate, energy is directed elsewhere, sometimes in negative
emotions and thoughts, or in work, sports etc.  When couples lessen their
lovemaking they begin the process of starving their love. Love is nourished
by the sexual energy a couple generates. Tantra teaches how to create the
spiritual energy of passion needed to sustain it.

A passionate partnership not only needs the nourishment sexual energy
provides, it also needs maintenance as well as communications of what each
partner needs in order to feel more loved emotionally, spiritually and
sexually.  This is the power of Tantra, that powerfully teaches techniques
to keep the passionate partnership alive and nourished in all three areas
of love. True Intimacy: The Sexual Gap Between Men And Women Many woman
use the word intimacy to describe what is most important to them sexually.
Sexual intimacy is a special kind of closeness, a communication that is
deeper than the couple can achieve physically, a sharing that goes beyond
material partnership. This profound connection is described by many women
as a spiritual connection, or as the feeling of having found one s soulmate
.  Women relate it to the heart or the soul more than to the brain or the
genitals, although when true sexual intimacy does occur, sexual passion is
its by- product.  When one becomes intimate  one becomes passionate,
excited, energized and turned on. A women is aroused, stirred deeply and

But when intimacy is missing, when a women doesn't make that special
connection with her partner, she remains unsatisfied at a primal level
because the need for intimacy is so deep. When intimacy is missing its hard
for many women to feel passionate or to be satisfied sexually.  Tantra
teaches couples to relate on the deepest intimacy level and maintain that

For most men intimacy conveys something very different - intercourse. But
women know this seldom provides real intimacy, much less maximum sexual
pleasure. Tantra teaches men how to enjoy deeper levels of intimacy and how
to heal and stimulate a women sexually far more than through just

The need for intimacy in sex is so basic to women, yet so foreign to most
modern men who have never been trained in true intimacy and sex skills. But
by nature and physically, women are sexual introverts; they contain their
sexuality. Their sexual organs, their most sensitive places, are internal
and protected. Women find it hard to speak out about their deepest sexual

It s far less difficult for men who are more extroverted. Quite simply, sex
turns most men on.  Sex makes them passionate. Men love sex. Men like women
who like sex. They have never been taught or shown any other way; society
teaches men sex, sex, sex thru tease and titillation, and then expects them
to not fulfill these desires until marriage! Women want a heartfelt
experience in love; most men want a glandular one.

Tantra Teaches Couples Sexual Healing
Tantra was designed centuries ago for couples to learn specifically how
these differences between the sexes can be used as a positive force in a
passionate partnership built on long lasting love and intimacy,
emotionally, spiritually and physically. Tantra teaches that the
combination of these differences between the sexes can produce a
near-alchemical reaction, an ether in which both flourish, in which the
garden of your relationship bursts with color and new life and growth, and
you and your beloved thrive.

Tantra also teaches shared intimacy for the moment between couples, not
lifelong partners but those who want to experience positive intimacy with
different partners.  The techniques are powerful as long as the man is open
to seeking the most for his partner, not just his physical sexual desires.
Once the man has experienced this intimacy, typically his view changes and
he also no longer just wants physical sex, but realizes the power in deeper
intimate loving relationships.  This can be either with a life long partner
or even a single encounter with a new loving Tantra-aware spirit which can
be a powerful positive experience.

The Yoga of Sex But Much More
Although it has gained a reputation for being the  yoga of sex , Tantra s
sexual element is only a part of its focus, a part of a means to an end.
Tantra s goals are more exalted and broader in scope than just being
proficient in physical love. The ultimate goal is unity as a couple and
with each other s spirits in a highly developed form of communication
between partners.  Women s Fire Which For Many Has Grown Cold From Abuse
Can Be Wonderfully Rekindled Many women today are for the first time in
2000 years becoming independent and demanding their own business, political
as well as sexual fulfillment that has been available mostly just to men in
the past.  During two thousand years of suppression, many women s fires
have grown cold. Now suddenly its the  New Age  and women are supposed to
be more involved in all these things.  Not only are women expected to have
fabulous orgasms, they are also supposed to experiencing multiple ones.  It
s enough to make anyone a little nervous, especially women who don't feel
orgasms easily, or have a negative view of sex.

Men have to be taught how to rekindle the woman s often dormant sexual
energy.  In ancient days, Tantricas were tutored by teachers in the art of
love and sex. Today men and women can learn to teach each other and Tantra
can help. They might consider Tantra as a kind of extension course - a
class in love and relationship. In this continuing education we guide each
other and the experience can be extremely powerful and beneficial to both
men and women.  For when a woman s fire is rekindled after such a long
time, and tended, and fed by her most intimate partner, the benefits to
both can be many. But for a woman, especially, the rekindling of dormant
sexual fires can lead to startling unexpected sensations.

A woman s sexual awakening can propel her spirituality. Men may practice
celibacy and achieve spiritual enlightenment, but women s enlightenment is
often charged by her orgasmic nature. Through loving sexual sharing a women
activates a powerful sexual/spiritual energy which then releases itself
into her physical body and into her psyche, creating the atmosphere for her
awakening. Tantra recognizes that when a woman increases her sexual power,
she adds to the strength of her spiritual aspect as well.

Brief excerpts were taken from an excellent book Tantra The Art Of
Conscious Loving by Charles and Caroline Muir

Dave Hutchison, Liberated Christians, Phoenix Az
Promoting Positive, Loving Sexuality / Exposing False Biblical Interpretations

"Whatever can be said about the Tao is not the Tao" - Lao Tzu


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