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The Supreme Secret of OTO: Sex Magic?

From: (xiwangmu)
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Subject: The Supreme Secret(s) of (c)OTO: Sex Magic(k)?
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"hooramentii" :
>You posted some links on thelema93-l about secret OTO magick.  I lost them
>due to having to goback on my computer.  Would you mind posting them here?

pleased to serve,

Orig-Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 19:55:44 -0700 (PDT)

        SPOILER o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o
        the following material may contain the supreme secret of the OTO
        and may thus prove offensive to those who are attempting to keep
        themselves 'virgin' of said supremacies prior to their initiation
        through more conventional channels (such as in their Order).  you
        are hereby forewarned and I suggest that if you don't want to be
        exposed to such information (or approximates thereof) that you
        bypass the followups to the thread which this posting creates.
        o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o SPOILER

50000704 Vom Hail Satan!  Happy Independence!

do as you please. what else?

> From: "Jeroen Hoogeweij" 
> I think he is talking about the "magical record of the beast 666", published
> by Duckworth in 1972, edited by Grant and Symonds. (heheh.... I bought a
> first print very cheaply). It contains "Rex de arte regia", mainly or
> exclusively dealing with his sexual operations... very funny bits 'n pieces
> about him being inspired to write the Arte Magica, Homunculus, Natura Deorum
> and Nuptiis secretis in a row: The 6th of september 1912 he performed the
> ceremony thrice with a 'sturdy bitch', a prostitute from Picadilly circus.
> Shorty afterwards he ad a trombosis of the left leg , which provided him
> with enough time to write those documents>
> Also included the magical record of the beast (1919-1920), containing a lot
> of rambling, and wonderful insights and reflections, lots and lots of drug
> taking.
thanks for the reference.

comments on the following would be welcomed:

to wit:

	Over a period of almost half a century during which
	Crowley taught his Magic -- a synthetic mystical/magical
	system which could well be described as Neognosticism
	-- he wrote many inspirational and/or didactic works
	which he called *Libres*. Some of these are full length
	books, others little more than half a page or so text.
	Of these the ones which can legitimately be considered
	at least quasi-tantric are five in number. They are:

		"Of the Art of Magic"
		"Of the Nature of the Gods"
		"Of the Homunculus"
		"The Book of the Unveiling of the Sangraal"
		"Of the Secret Marriages of Gods and Men"


	Notable amongst [Crowley's] innovations [which seem
	to have no oriental analogues] was an autoerotic
	technique which he expounded denerally in the *Liber*
	entitled "Of the Secret Marriages of Gods and Men",
	and, more particularly, in the chapter of that work
	called 'Of Great Marriages'. When examing the text
	of this and Crowley's other tantric *Libres* it must
	be held in mind that, like many other tantric
	treatises, they employ a 'twilight language' in
	which words are given a secondary, tantric

	It is very easy, however, to break Crowley's code.
	Thus in the 'Great Marriages' chapter of "Of the
	Secret Marriages", referred to above in relation
	to autoeroticism, the word 'purge' is not used in
	its primary excretory sense but in reference to
	orgasm. Similarly, in the eleventh chapter of the
	same work, the phrase 'Evocation by the Wand'
	means an act of masturbation in which the operator's
	imaginary partner is an immaterial entity such as
	an angel. The 'Marrow of the Wand', referred to in
	the same chapter, simply means sexual fluids.

	The code words and phrases employed to express the
	sexual concepts in both the tantric *Libres* and
	Crowley's more general writings were often derived
	from the terminology of Western alchemy. Thus
	Crowley used the archaic word for an alchemical
	furnace (athanor) as a code word for the penis,
	while the word 'cucurbite', a piece of laboratory
	equipment used by alchemists for the purpose of
	distillation, he used as a code word for the
	vulva. The male sexual discharge was referred to
	in the tantric *Libres* as 'the serpent' or 'the
	blood of the red lion', phraes which in texts
	concerned with physical alchemy, of the type
	conducted in a laboratory, refer to metallic
	salts. Similarly the fluids which lubricate the
	vagina were referred to as the 'menstruum of the
	gluten', while the mixture of this with semen
	Crowley called 'the First Matter' and, after it
	had supposedly been imbued with magical powers
	by the processes outlined in the tantric *Libres*,
	'the Elixir'.

	These alchemical words and phrases were not arbi-
	trarily chosen. Crowley believed, rightly or
	wrongly, that many Western alchemical texts were
	concerned, not with chemical processes intended to
	produce a mysterious stone which could transmute
	base metals into gold, but with sexual techniques,
	essentially identical with those of the left-handed
	Tantra, the use of which would result in psychic

	Such a variant of European alchemy, a sort of
	Western Tantra, *may* have existed. As was said
	earlier, polarity symbolism is apparent in many
	alchemical texts, and it seems probable that at
	least some alchemists were concerned with interior
	transformations rather than the physical
	transmutations desired by alchemical laboratory
	workers [333: "puffers"! :>]. It is possible that
	a few of these 'psychic alchemists', a minority of
	a minority, practised something very like Tantra,
	interpreting alchemical polarity symbolism in a
	semi-literal way [333: although the author will not
	provide us with any evidence to back this up].

	[author's] NOTE: Those who wish to examine the
	tantric *Libres* for themselves will find the
	text of "Of the Art of Magic" printed as an
	appendix to "Crowley on Christ" (London, 1974).
	Versions of the other tantric *Libres* are
	printed in "The Secret Rituals of the OTO"
	(London and New York, 1973) [333: about which
	there has been so much clamour of late on this
	and other 'Thelemic' email lists ;>].
	"Tantra for Westerners", Francis King, Destiny Books,
	 1986; pp. 74-6.

I encourage all subscribers who have access to said materials
to provide their paraphrases and reviews for the enjoyment of
our readership who may be interested in them, with a proper
!!SPOILER!! as I have prepended above so as to adequately
forewarn those interested in maintaining their intellectual
'virginity' (so to speak).

compare with the form offered in this brief and extemporaneous
review of "Liber A'ash vel Capricorni Pneumatici sub figura CCCLXX"
contained at this URL:

the idea is to describe and discuss without the technicalities
of direct quotation which may draw legal pressure from the
(c)OTO Boys to remove the post on account of quotation. making
the content of these "secrets" well-known through exposition,
we have the capacity to divulge to the world what this (c)OTO
actually values and instructs without getting in the way of its
legal department [1]. ;>

blessed beast!
((333) nigris) -
NOTICE: I don't read everything here; cc me if you absolutely want a response.

[* -- you may presume that, between Andrew and I, we're not going 
      to leave any direct quotes that will give the (c)OTO Boys 
      any reason to send us one of their threatening letters. ;> ]

-- ; ; 
emailed replies may be posted; cc replies if response desired

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