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  This is the page for Laura Goodwin, a senior contributor of 
   Echoes From the Sanctuary.
   By the grace of She who is the Embracer of Opposites, I greet
   you. Kali Ma, the bloody, has a message of hope for us all. And
   that message is, "You better HOPE I'm in a merciful mood if I
   catch you napping." We have no reason to assume that because we
   as individuals, have not been unvirtuous that we will be spared
   in the inevitable upheaval.
   People avoid getting too involved in things sometimes because
   they are trying to avoid pain. Wrong. Remember, pain is not
   necessarily punishment, sometimes it's just a part of life.
   Children are born innocent, but it still hurts to be born. Pain
   is a part of life, sometimes an unavoidable part. Knowing this,
   we can be courageous and philosophical in the face of opposition,
   setbacks, failure, strife, and suffering.
   Kali Ma also gives us boldness to attack obstacles blocking our
   way, because we know that our lives and dreams are as sacred as
   anyone's, and as deserving of fulfillment. HER blessing in upon
   us without reservation, and Her powerful aid is ours to call
   upon, at all times, especially in times of trouble. When the
   spirit of Kali is strong in you, you know it, because a power
   flows through you which empowers you to act, and you find
   yourself acting decisively. There is nothing namby-pamby about
   it. If the petunias get trampled, then, by golly, the petunias
   get trampled. If you have to break a window to get into your own
   damn house, then break the window.
   This world of miracles and wonders is our world. We belong here.
   The Goddess herself put us here. SHE gave us this most marvelous
   proof of Her love and care: Life, and a great place to live it
   out. We have in our possession this fabulous ruby, rare and
   incredibly beautiful, then some right proper bastard grabs it and
   runs. Fortunately the Goddess is watching, so She guides the
   evildoer to a slippery spot, where he loses his footing, starts
   to fall, and loses his grip on the ruby, and it goes flying! We
   right red hot now have a chance to recover what is ours.
   So into the shit, dear friends! The Goddess's ruby flew into the
   shit heap, and if we are to recover it we have to be willing to
   get dirty! Be aware that the enemy still wants it too, and by the
   way, wishes us no good luck.
   Sure, it's dark, and we will have to feel our way, but damn it,
   we gotta have that ruby! It's not enough to keep it from the
   enemy, we have to be sure it's honored and cherished as it should
   be. The enemy will only exploit it, and damn it, we can't let the
   rotter win!
   Sure, when it's dark and covered with shit, any stone might be
   the ruby, but once you've spit on it and rubbed a little it's
   apparent what you've got. Keep the common stones you find,
   because you can throw 'em at the enemy. He wants a red rock so
   bad, you can give him this one, and hopefully it will be red
   enough after it hits him.
   Or would you rather be watching this drama, munching popcorn and
   staying out of it? Some might root for the bad guy, but let's
   assume you cheer for the hero. Still, you only watch and wait.
   The ruby is grasped, two forces struggle, suddenly all dissolves
   and we are in the Goddess's Court of Judgment.
   How do you think the Goddess will treat those who are before
   herfor Her Divine Judgment, when one comes complaining that Her
   world is too slippery, one stands before her covered with shit,
   and one stands there squeaky-clean and calm?
   To the first She will say: You robbed the rightful owner of that
   which you would then spoil. The Judgment is against you.
   To the second she will say: Well done, faithful one. I restore to
   you that which is and was yours. Return, in peace, with my
   To the third She will say: Why did you do nothing? "Goddess, I
   was rooting for the good guy all the time!"
   Rising up in glorious fury, the Goddess will say: To Do Nothing
   Is Worse Than To Do Evil. Those Who Know Me Know This. Stranger,
   Begone, And My Curses Follow You!
   Our Goddess is the Goddess of action. Action is what she likes.
   Action is Her middle name. So put your butt in action, and feel
   the burn. Take some chances; experiment with your situation; push
   the envelope, and don't worry about looking foolish half as much
   as looking bored. That is when you will feel Her, because She
   will be right there, egging you on.
   How to get the attention and aid of our Powerful Goddess: Do
   Something. Once you begin, all the forces of the universe will
   open up to you. It's as if moving your behind out into the field
   of action is like moving the Holy Faucet into the ON position.
   Stuff begins to pour through your life, and you have a world of
   choices. Pain will come with it all, as will new pleasures. You
   just gotta have an attitude about it.
   Take a stand, get on one side or the other, and go for it. May
   the winds of change fill your sails, which bear you toward
   afuller life.

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