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Tao and sex

From: (WivFam)
Newsgroups: alt.philosophy.taoism
Subject: Re: Tao and sex
Date: 8 May 1997 03:15:44 GMT (lisa) Wrote

....What I think you're talking about with the male essence being
conserved is to increase ching, which leads to production of chi, which is
the life force. Is this close? Interestingly enough, today in my perusals 
looking for wu-chi, I stumbled across ching. Ching means seed, correct?
What strikes me is that religious taoists are taking texts literally when
they read conserving seed. Then I got one o' dem flash thingies and saw a
parallel with the quest for immortality and how the ancient alchemists
literally thought they could live in their physical bodies forever. In my
opinion only (everyone is entitled to one) it's missing the point. When it
says conserve seeds it means to let ideas (potentialities as seeds)
incubate before they sprout.   ----snip----

     I have to disagree with much of this, having studied Chi Gung for
some time I know ching, or Jing to be something different. Every energy
channel in your body connects in the lower Dan Tien (the energy reservoir
below the belly button.) When a relatively advanced practitioner
concentrates on the lower dan tien and relaxes, his spirit moves down to
the lower dan tien, and is in direct communication with all the parts of
the body at once, so that it acts as though it was just one big cell.
Wherever your awareness is, that's where your spirit is concentrated. When
you concentrate long enough on the dan tien and breathe deeply while
relaxed, your chi "burns" to produce Jing. This is a different kind of chi
which other people can feel. It is a higher level of energy. It can even
be expelled through your finger tips.

     Excessive ejaculation is considered unhealthy because the male loses
a great deal of his chi during ejaculation. This is probably because chi
moves most easily in circles and spirals, and the male's member is rather
pointy. The female's is round. If the male has trained his body to refine
the sexual energy upwards, this energy will go up into his body rather
than out through the sexual organ. He will not ejaculate. He then loses
nothing and gains much, because the energy aroused during sexual
intercourse is very nourishing. I am not speaking here of semen. Many
western academics have misinterpreted this to mean that the male wishes to
nourish the rest of his body with his semen.  I am speaking of the
combination of nerve energy and chi which is sexual energy. You can
theoretically have an orgasm anywhere in your body. The same goes for the

     The male essence that you speak of is the hormonal essence stored in
the gonads which regulates the life cycle and production of sexual fluids,
etc. It is built into the human organism that it will live a certain
amount of time, then die. Having frequent orgasms is like burning a cord
of wood in a fireplace rather than a wood stove. You'll burn the cord up
much faster, and it actually makes the house cooler in the long run,
whereas burning a cord of wood in a wood stove is very efficient, and
heats the whole house. It lasts longer too. In the end, you only have a
cord of wood, but you can make it burn efficiently or inefficiently. It's
your choice.

     All of these things require a great deal of internal awareness, which
one develops over time.

     As to physical immortality, this is a neo-taoist concept. Much of the
Taoist canon, consisting of thousands of books, is couched in vague,
coded, metaphorical terminology. This was intended to prevent the
information from falling into the hands of greedy selfish people where it
might cause much harm. Hence much of it was misinterpreted even by the
Chinese. We don't have to rely upon vague metaphors any more. The
information is out there if you just do a little work to find it. What
before was esoterica is now in public hands. Times are different now and
we need spiritual traditions to bring the world back into balance.

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