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Tantra and its Elements

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Subject: Tantra and its Elements
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[from private correpondence, permission received to post to Usenet]

49970607 AA2 Hail Satan!

the following was part of a conversation my Mystress and I were having on
the subjects of tantra and sex magick.  your comments and reflections on
this material is welcomed.

#> ...the interest to hunt down the minutae [surrounding tantra/sex magick] 
#> and apply them....  it requires a complete personal divestment of taboos 
#> and a vulnerability likely unfound outside intimate relationships or 
#> those of BDSM.

my Mystress asks:
#I'd like it if we traded tips on the minutae and hunting of it?  

minutae: physiological, mythological/symbolic/visionary; chemistry counts;
         there are a variety of things called 'tantra/sex magick', which I
         have attempted to taxonomize in a document posted to alt.magick
	 and other appropriate groups; what I call 'sex magick' is for me
	 more like 'sexual alchemy' wherein my objective is to transform
	 myself and my partner through dedicated mutual ego-immersion; the
	 particulars of ego-immersion and its causation aren't too difficult
	 to pick up: pleasure and excitatory levels of bodily response; the
	 cycles of orgasm and ejaculation; the various 'glamorous' tricks,
	 minor psychoactives and experimental taboo-breaking which can help 
	 to inspire these conditions; extended and intimate relationship
	 appears to make it more difficult to maintain, requiring a kind of
	 personal dedication and discipline on the part of those involved.

hunting: being open about dedication to revealing what you learn is a major
         obstacle until you can ascertain very trusting personal relationships
	 through shared time/experience/initiation; the organizations which
	 purport to contain this esoteric information sometimes do indeed
	 have valuable leads to their assimilation, along with a variety of
	 academic and social dead-ends which comes from any who are keen to
	 deceive on the basis of administrative influence without having any
	 real idea how to describe the sensitive minutae to the newcomer;
	 libraries and interlibrary loan are sometimes helpful, as is the
	 study of any popular esoteric subject (since the popular is what is
	 likely to allow a 'way in' to the social spheres necessary in
	 getting additional clues (especially initially); background research
	 on the factors leading to the popular fads also allow one to give
	 the impression of assisting others in 'revelation' or 'disillusion-
	 ment' (e.g. informing Wiccans of the relative newness of their
	 religion as it was promoted by Gardner); at least the details which
	 contradict the popular paradigm and can be confirmed by a modicum
	 of research at times turn into the keys that unlock social doors
	 which allow further exploration in the esoteric which is too
	 sensitive to approach via text (because nobody wants to write it
	 down or groups assert prophylactic constraint on its publication);
	 often the aura *surrounding* a given 'secret' is more important
	 than the actual text, it being imagined to contain much more than
	 it does (and therefore its life and vigor grow through secrecy).

#I know nothing of SM (and it doesn't appeal).  A little dominance/bondage 
#play is fun, but I don't see what that has to do with tantra?

tantra and SM: the real draw here is the exchange of power and experimentation
          with it in intimate situations; role-playing is a vital aspect of
	  SM, the most safe roads being taken without alot of pain or blood,
	  just direction of activity -- taking turns being a kind of director
	  of intimate activity so as to simultaneously break the fear-based
	  inhibitions and potential worries that can go along with sexuality
	  for some people (due to lack of communication and experience,
	  mostly); in other words it is for the less pain-play involved a
	  real sex education through an indirect method rather than through
	  blatant honesty and vulnerability -- many SM players in my area
	  will only proceed under the aegis of a 'Safe Word', an agreed
	 'Time Out' signal, whereby the situation can be renegotiated, and
 	  this describes some of the atmosphere surrounding SM; for those
	  who like pain and blood and all that gooey stuff (I am one of
	  these but only for shamanic trancing), I really can't say why
	  they do it or what they get out of it aside from endorphin rushes
	  and the thrill of taking themselves to their pain threshhold
	  limitations (as if this isn't enough I guess).
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