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Researching Article RE Tantra...

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Subject: Re: Researching Article RE Tantra...
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caution: I speak from a personal perspective which has little trek with 
	 tradition aside from inspiration from various Western translated 
	 texts and some interaction/rite with tantrics of various types

"J. Ricks" :
|I am starting to do research for an article about tantric and neotantric
|yoga and philosophy 

Sounds Hindu/Indian.

|and would like to email with interested folks.  

I suggest posting at least to alt.magick.tantra and alt.magick.tyagi 
and keeping it public, as I am doing, verily, with this post itself.

|I am interested in the history of Tantra, 
|major teachers of past and present.

Big subject, perfect for online interaction.  Substance for the forum.  
I haven't seen much beyond my conversation with Rose Dawn which really
went into this much.  Occasionally Wizard, likely CYronwode and maybe
one or two others (MMagee) may be able to assist, depending upon your
overall focus.  I've also X-posted this to relevant forums (setting
the Followup back to our home base ;>).

|As best I can tell, there are at least two major branches of Tantra plus
|innumerable modern variations of "Tantric" sexuality, and their
|differences appear to be pointed.

It is even more complex than this.  There is 'Shingon', which is a Japanese
type of Buddhist Tantra, Vajrayana, which is Tibetan Buddhist Tantra (although 
some do contest this association!), and there are even Tantric connections to 
the Western mystery traditions if my sources are correct.  

Some suggest that tantra is not something which may be retained within a
particular social tradition but wells up out of nowhere like during the
11th century with the Brotherhood of Flagellants, and other wildness, 
and there are of course the Newage and generally nonreligious varieties 
that focus on integrating sexuality in a healthy life (something of which 
I am very much in favor -- Human Awareness Institute, other sexuality and
intimacy workshop things).  I leave for another discussion what is
'properly' described by the term (preferring to be inclusive ;>).

|I am also quite interested in the history of tantric sexual practices in
|Esoteric Christian communities, both historical and contemporary.

NeatO.  CYronwode, others and I have spoken about this somewhat in regards
utopian communities like that of Noyes and the investigations/writings of
Alice Bunker Stockham as well as various others associated more with the
esoteric Western things.  This is sometimes said (by King for example), to
extend quite a ways into Western esotericism (some suggest, for example,
that the modern 'dark' and 'leather' (SMBD) foci within Neopaganism are
examples of wellsprings of 'tantric society', though this is controversial;
and there are many within ceremonial magick tradition who claim to be able
to represent all the esoteric yogic pathways).

|Has anyone heard of the idea that Jesus was actually a Tantric Master?

Of course.  There are many examples of Christian esotericism (Blavatsky,
Rosicrucians, etc.) who tied Christ to anything from the Druids to yoga,
Buddhism or even Atlantis or Extraterrestrials!  Very imaginative and

Check out something Theosophical or perhaps Rosicrucian for the Tantric
Master routine, since there has been a heavy emphasis out of that segment
on Indian esotericism (proceeding into even Thelemic yoga-focus; some
would contend these latter to have been arrived at by THEFT :>).

aum krim namah kaliya


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