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Raising Kundalini in another

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Subject: Re: Raising Kundalini in another
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In article <>, (Sienna555) wrote:

> >
> >I think that one of the questions you might consider is, “What are the 
> >results of raising the kundalini within you?” One of the results is what 
> >is called the shaktipat experience. When the energy moves it is often 
> >accompanied by jerks and shakes (sometimes referred to as “shaktis” or 
> >“kriyas,” although those words have other meanings, too). Sometimes the 
> >shakes occur spontaneously (often called the “heebee jeebees”). 
> >Sometimes the jerks and shakes occur as the result of sexual activity 
> >(which resulted, of course, in the serpent rising).
> >
> Yes, I know this experience first hand.  AMAF, I cannot control it any 
> longer. I quit trying to control it after my partner said he didn't mind.  Now 
> it's an everyday occurance to both of us.  

Then you are very lucky. I have had several partners who have virtually 
“apologized” for having this response, figuring it would freak me out. 
Actually, I rather like it, something which not only made them happy but 
seemed to give them permission to simply let go, resulting in altered 
states of consciousness, visions, etc.

>But it hasn't resulted in the rising 
> of his Serpent.

Perhaps there is some reason for this?

> >So the answer to your question is that if the energy is rising within 
> >you, it will AUTOMATICALLY encourage the same result in another (or 
> >others) in your immediate area. This is NOT about making somebody do 
> >something against their will or secretly plotting against them.
> Like I said above, this has not yet worked in this situation.  One of the
> things I've always loved about him is that he's always been able to 
> withold orgasm for hours, sometimes giving up before he orgasms at all.  He has 
> been able to do this, without fail, since the day I met him.  When I asked him 
> how he learned how to hold out like that, he said that it's much more work 
> for him to orgasm than it was worth sometimes.  In other words, he wasn't even trying.

My GUESS (and I do mean guess) is that this is your answer.
In the systems I have studied/practiced, the goal is not to withhold. 
Rather, it is to reach a state where the movement of the kundalini, not 
ejaculation, is the desired outcome of sexual excitation.

Many men practice withholding. This, IMHO, is the exact antithesis of 
everything Tantric. Rather (again, IMO), the goal should be to give 
everything. Instead of withholding orgasm, give in! Get past it. Learn 
(like Masters and Johnson) that orgasm does not equal ejaculation.

Withholding means stopping; blocking. When you block energies, 
especially sexual ones, you are also blocking the flow of the kundalini. 

From your description, he has spent years learning and practicing how to 
block the movement of the kundalini!

> Is it possible that he has an energy block that would cause this effect, 
> and also keep his Kundalini from responding automatically as you suggest?  
> I'm sure everyone is an individual, but somewhere someplace this has happened to
> someone, I hope.

I think that may be exactly the problem. Again, I have not met him, 
talked to him, analyzed him, so YMMV.

> >And you thought all I did was be negative!
> >LOL!
> My humblest of apologies....!
> Agape,
> Sienna

Thank you, but not needed! After all, you can’t reach through the 
internet pipes and strangle me (I hope!). Further, you had a strong 
opinion and defended it. I respect that, much as I do several of the 
others who post here even when we disagree. It is much better than the 
namby-pamby newage white-lighters who see fantasy rather than reality.

I believe Crowley wrote (in Liber Al. Well, okay, he just wrote down 
what he heard) As brothers fight ye! Sort of like the Klingon attitude 
of fight real hard, then afterward, share some blood wine.

Be that as it may, here is a possible way of helping him break through 
his blockages.

Assumption: he is one of the kindest persons around, always giving and 
never asking for anything in return. In fact, he almost seems 
embarrassed to receive presents. Is this right? If so, there are many 
causative factors, but the overwhelming point is that he has difficulty 
in receiving.

Practice (and I’m sure you’ll both hate this—not!): Tell him you are 
going to give him pleasure and all he should do is receive. Give him a 
bath. Rub him with oils. If he reaches out for you, kiss his hand, place 
it back and say, “This is about you, not me.” Continue until he is quite 
aroused. Then use direct erotic stimulation until he is about to 
ejaculate. Stop and use techniques (such as yanking down firmly after 
making a circle with thumb and fingers around testicles within the 
scrotum or applying pressure with two or three fingers to the perineum 
[accupuncture: circulation-sex 1]) until the feeling passes. Allow the 
energy to fall and repeat. 

Tell him not to hold back. If he ejaculates, fine. If he doesn’t, fine. 
The Goddess honors hard-ons and soft-ons. 

Vibrate the bija mantras several times at the location of each chakra
“LoVeR You HOMe“

Let him sink into the energy. Signs of success: Detumescence (perhaps 
followed by tumescence), eyes roll back in head. Goal: eliminating 
blocks by accepting the energy.

Good luck. Have fun.



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