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OTO Supreme Secret

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From: (xiwangmu)
Subject: OTO Supreme Secret (IX')
Date:  5 Dec 96 21:27:04 GMT


        SPOILER o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o
        the following material may contain the supreme secret of the OTO
        and may thus prove offensive to those who are attempting to keep
        themselves 'virgin' of said supremacies prior to their initiation
        through more conventional channels (such as in their Order).  you
        are hereby forewarned and I suggest that if you don't want to be
        exposed to such information (or approximates thereof) that you
        bypass the followups to the thread which this posting creates.
        o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o SPOILER



#>#Primarily, Crowley's sexual magick came through OTO, but that in turn
#>#relied heavily on Tantra and Kundalini yoga ideas as interpreted in
#>#the West. (Michelle Catlett-Tetzlaff):
#I thought I'd read that Crowley was approached by Reuss after publishing
#something of his own on sexual magick (I suppose his own interpretations of
#Tantra and Kundalini) because what he'd written was so similar to the OTO
#teachings that Reuss thought OTO was the source?

        "Shortly after publication, the O.H.O. (Outer Head of the
         O.T.O. [sic]) came to me.  (At that tie I did not realise
         that there was anything in the O.T.O. beyond a convenient
         compendium of the more important truths of Free Masonry.)
         He said that since I was acquainted with the supreme
         secret of the Order, I must be allowed  the IX' and
         obligated in regard to it.  I protested that I knew no
         such secret.  He said, 'But you have printed it in the
         plainest language'.  I said that I could not have done
         so because I did not know it.  He went to the bookshelves;
         taking out a copy of _The Book of Lies_, he pointed to a
         passage in the despised chapter [AC writes in 'De Arte
         Magica' that this is Chapter 36, The Star Sapphire - 333].
         It instantly flashed upon me.  The entire symbolism not
         only of Free Masonry but of many other traditions blazed
         upon my spiritual vision.  From that moment the O.T.O.
         assumed its proper importance in my mind.  I understood
         that I held in my hands the key to the future progress of

        _The Book of Lies_, quoted in the preliminary pages by
         the Editors (unnamed) from 'Confessions', Samuel Weiser
         Books, 1988; pp. 6-7.

what can we expect from a book of this title? :>




        Let the Adept be armed with his Magick Rood {and
          provided with his Mystic Rose}....

        Ibid, Aleister Crowley, p. 82.

I've heard it said elsewhere that the sexual symbolism was the
important bit, and his commentary, consisting of the following,
was perhaps an indication thereof:

        COMMENTARY ([greek])

        *The Star Sapphire corresponds with the Star-Ruby of
        Chapter 25; 36 being the square of 6, as 25 is of 5.*

        *This chapter gives the real and perfect Ritual of the

        *It would be improper to comment further upon an
        official ritual of the A.'.A.'.*

        Ibid, p. 83.

thus "the supreme secret of the Order" (IX' OTO) appears,
according to Crowley, to be symbolized in a phallo-kteisic
conjugation, in the consecration of a particular rite
(F.King's text indicates the creation of an 'Homonculus',
and this appears to relate to a 'Magical Child') whose
elements include the combination of the Red and White
Tinctures (see alchemical Red Lion (male)/White Eagle (female)
or Red/White Dragons as of Merlin), fabricating the Elixir of
Life/Immortality when properly constituted and conditioned.

in the above-mentioned text and in "IX' Emblems and Mode of
Use", by Baphomet, Crowley lays out a somewhat technical
method of the collection of these fluids (popularly understood
as the Semen and Blood or general effluvia of sex under
prescribed conditions), suggesting an oral procurement, a
sharing with the Eagle/woman, such that the Elixir may be
 'absorbed by the mucous membrane'.

Frater PVN ('Mezla', Autumn, Anno LXXXI, p. 15) says that
this does not mean 'swallowed', and suggests that the method of
the taoists may be efficacious (elixir-absorption by the lingam
in a kind of 'reverse-flow' as popularized by M.Chia and others),
but I have heard stern warnings about the negative physiological
repercussions of this.  apparently Eagles/women absorb the Elixir
directly through the membranes of her sexual organs.  the Frater
suggests that his preferred method (again, for Lions, implying
men) includes absorption, rather, under the tongue.

Crowley indicates that all this must be done as *sacrament*,
and seems to suggest that there be 'dire consequences' for
those who do not approach the work in this mode/atmosphere.

all in all it reminds me greatly of what has been said of the
Agapes of some Gnostic Christians and is probably based on
this to some extent (I really have no idea of the history, as
most of this information is squelched by Orders like the OTO
through its secrecy oaths and copyright protections, though
I'd love to see someone's exposition on such a history).

commentary welcome, especially from those who will not berate
me for exposing the supreme secret of my Order blatantly (I
intend to post this to Usenet and elsewhere with the prepended
spoiler as offered above).  pass this on to your family friends
and we can all engage the supreme secret as one big happy family.

E6/6/6 (xiwangmu)

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