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Subject: Objections to Sex Magick (was Re: OTO Supreme Secret (IX'))
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49961129 AA1  The Revolution Continues!

#> ..."the supreme secret of the Order" (IX' OTO) appears, 
#> according to Crowley, to be symbolized in a phallo-kteisic 
#> conjugation, in the consecration of a particular rite 
#> (F.King's text indicates the creation of an 'Homonculus', 
#> and this appears to relate to a 'Magical Child') whose 
#> elements include the combination of the Red and White 
#> Tinctures (see alchemical Red Lion [male]/White Eagle [female] 
#> or Red/White Dragons as of Merlin), fabricating the Elixir of 
#> Life/Immortality when properly constituted and conditioned.

# ...In the age of AIDS -- and its widespread association of "blood 
# and semen (and drugs)" with DEATH (no exchanging of fluids) -- how 
# is this ritual to be understood?

'drugs' is a term of condemnation amongst the ignorant.  'AIDS' is 
a syndrome preventable with attention to the behaviors and blood
contents of one's intimates.  'death' appears to be a lessening
absolute result as regards this syndrome or its supposed viral 
elements (HIV).  

the association to which you refer may well be blown out of purportion
as regards the likelihood of contraction, constituting greater danger
within certain cultural groups and via certain types of activities
(that of anal intercourse and intravenous needle-sharing among the most
prominent and well-known).

'how this ritual is to be understood' is not in the least way affected
by these potential hazards, though how it is safest to interpret them
could of course become a subject of debate.  I find that this and the
notion of 'oath-bound secrecy' are the first barriers, aside from the
distinct lack of material available due to that secrecy, to open and
honest discussion about these secrets.

your question merely presumes a vulgar connotation where one may not
necessarily exist.  'IXth Degree Sex Magick' may well imply something
much MORE than inserting a penis into a vagina and sucking up the
escrescences of these wobbly bits within 'ritual circumstances'.  what
it *might* imply is the point I'm trying to inspire discussion upon.  
thus your concern is merely a tangent I'd prefer to put aside quickly 
rather than spend serious time upon it.  

do what thou wilt.  if this involves hazard, try to be aware of the

#Only between monogamous couples, hmm?

the safest manner of living is to lock oneself inside a contained
atmospheric contraceptive bubble and engage no pleasurable activities
which may inspire repeated behaviors that don't afford direct
survival value.  quite beyond this and in some seriousness, it is
claimed by some that what is required for contraction of the dangerous
diseases you mention, especially through oral or vaginal sexuality,
is *repeated intrusion and exposure*.  this occurs no more frequently
than in a monogamous coupling while one carries the dread viral foe.

as another has already said in this thread, there are tests available.
I would recommend getting one and requesting this of any long-term
intimates one engages, quite beside sex magick.  acquaint yourself
with what constitute 'hi-risk' groups of people and actions and get
to know those with whom you are intimate if you are at all afraid of
'what might happen' or don't feel you can trust your intuition in this
regard.  there are many unfounded, rampant rumors surrounding this
issue that are hotly debated, in part because they tend to support 
conventional morality standards and key into long-held, at times 
quite erroneous, information promoted within an atmosphere of hysteria.

now, can we please discuss what these secrets mean, rather than how
much they aren't 'secrets' and 'how dangerous they are to carry out',
both of which bypass their discussion and take away from speculation
on their depths and grandeur?

or is it that anyone who thinks anything about these secrets has already 
become enslaved to the organizations purporting to 'safeguard' them 
through oaths, and nobody who is not so oath-bound has any idea about
to what these 'secrets' pertain (a sorry state if true)??



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