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Lesbian Sacred Sexuality

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Subject: Lesbian Sacred Sexuality
   Copyright (c) 1996 Diane Mariechild, photography by Marcelina
   Erotic love between women can be a celebration of and an
   initiation into the female creative spirit, the feminine
   mysteries. When we open to the great feminine, the holy space
   that is the foundation of the world, making love becomes sacred .
   Lesbians hold the form of woman power at its most profound . Many
   lesbians seek to identify ourselves from an inner source of
   womanwisdom. With each act of loving we can embrace this deep
   inner space and explore the possibility of returning to our
   original perfection. Woman loving woman can be an alchemical
   process which reaches into our very cells. Through the purity of
   this energy we may recognize the essential wholeness of nature.
   We know ourselves as "virgin," meaning one-in-herself, belonging
   to no man. Lesbian sacred sexual love has the potential to awaken
   and reunite us with the divine source of our being. Whether or
   not we have sexual partners depends on many factors, including
   our circumstances, our karma and our life purpose. Sex is sex. It
   is not our partner's gender that makes our sex sacred. It is the
   consciousness that we bring to our sexual acts that makes them
   sacred, whether we are making love to ourselves or with a
   partner. Lesbian love is sacred when it is visionary,
   interconected and transformational. Through the power of love we
   come to know ourselves as both mothers/ creators of our lives and
   as daughters / caretakers of the earth. Our lives and our work
   can become expressions of this wisdom and power.
     - Diane Mariechild 
   Lesbian Sacred Sexuality Image
                            Double Phoenix
                       She speaks burgundy birds
            blue gold wings flowers indolent on her breasts
               she moves slowly her hair curled tightly
           hands skimming my thighs she whispers into my ear
                 I want you my vulva shivers clenches
                        her mouth takes me her
    tongue tells long dancing stores of flight stars darkness burst
                      fingers flicker in my bones
          she enters me in the moment when my blood begs her
                  hard deep light lifts from my lips
                whirls moves tightly her mouth shivers
                       birds appear in my hands
                          my toes skim stars
         I'm wings in the night sky crying out in her breasts
                          my hips wetflowers
                              - Chrystos
   From womb to womb, connection clear and strong. My body sits upon
   the earth, my heart energy streams down into the core of the
   earth. Her energy like the waters of a mighty river flows through
   me. My body opens, my blood becomes like sparkling water fed from
   a boundless source springing from the heart of the earth. My
   light body full and shimmering gently withdraws from my physical
   body and melts through a crack, thus entering sacred ground.
   My body pulses with the earth, hot and dry, yet fed by unseen
   waters. Three eagles soar above, spirit friends bringing me to
   the land of the endless sky. I walk through this land for a long
   time until a holy space beckons me. I descend into that dark,
   round space. My eyes can see nothing, then gradually changing
   forms dimly appear. Who enters this space with me? Lovers of the
   past, friends from all the cycles of my life, each of us on her
   private journey. Here together in this sacred place.
   Sounds of a drum rise through the darkness. I circle and leap to
   its beat, leaving the heaviness behind. Only the sacred child
   dances within the holy round. My body lighter and lighter, joy
   bubbling forth and encircling this sacred space. Abruptly the
   drumming stops . The echoes die . Silence settles on me like the
   fog that slides down the mountain and fills the valley I call
   home. My body fills with energy: full, deep and clear. No buzz of
   expectation. Strong, open and spacious. As my eyes become
   accustomed to the dark I see the circle: sisters of fire, women
   through the ages, young and old, of every race and tradition.
   One crone, strong and stately, approaches me. We stand face to
   face. Her face is dark and lined with age. Her eyes hold mine in
   a steady, welcoming gaze. As I drink in her beauty she begins to
   transform before me, her lined skin becoming smooth and then
   again wrinkling and softening. She is Mother of the Flame, a
   firekeeper from the beginning. She raises her hand in greeting
   and a tiny fire flickers, then blazes on her palm. She touches my
   belly, heart and head, belly, heart and head. The third time she
   touches me, her hand strokes my yoni and remains there for
   moments until she enters me. A sound breaks the stillness, the
   sound of fire igniting. I feel its warmth spread through my yoni,
   my pelvis. Belly bowl holds this fire, contains its power, as the
   flames dance higher. My heart burns, tiny fingers of flame pierce
   its walls and it becomes open space, the endless sky. My eyes
   sparkle as the fire dances through my mind, its flames licking
   away my fears. Burned away. Burned away. Burned away.
   I know without words: this is initiation. Lesbian lovemaking is a
   celebration and initiation into the holy space that is the
   foundation of the world. I step back and bow low. The drums
   start. A muffled steady beat grows louder and stronger. We circle
   around, moving to the rhythm. Vibrations bounce off the walls,
   rising and falling back to the earth. Energy spirals upward,
   filling my legs as they stretch down into the earth. My strong
   legs like columns, my pelvis the arch cradling my sacred inner
   place. Earth energy flows upward to legs, through pelvis and
   returns to earth. My bones become the soil; my flesh becomes the
   earth. The drums call us from deep in the heart of the earth.
   Womanspirits, ancestors, grandmothers of time, we dance. The
   snakes that lie coiled in baskets around the room begin to stir.
   I feel the energy rise along my spine. I am flying, down in that
   holy round, lightly touching the ground. I am flying. And I am
   touching holy ground.
   The drums stop. The sisters of fire become shadows on the wall.
   Then total darkness. My belly, my heart, my mind cast a soft
   glow. The fire within;, now banked, will warm and nourish me. I
   climb up the ladder, slowly, gratefully. I touch the earth. I bow
   to the endless sky.
     - from the text, by Diane Mariechild 
   * The light body, also called the inner, astral or energy body,
   permeates and is enveloped by the physical body.

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