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Learning and Unlearning About Tantra

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Subject: Learning and Unlearning About Tantra (was Unlearned and searching)
Date: 1 Oct 1999 10:30:21 -0700
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49991001 IVom
"Destil" :
# I am interested in learning more of this spiritual art and its basis.

the best way I've found to learn is through the construction of
precise and incisive questions. you can obtain a list of questions
about tantra and many answers to these questions in the Lucky Mojo
Esoteric Archive, found in the files:



if you have answers to this survey, post it here and cc me with
a copy so that I can be sure to add you to our compilation file.

# I have found many pages on the internet which describe the 
# sexual/sensual nature of Tantra, but I find myself being 
# left confused and uncertain.

perhaps because they are hard-pressed to achieve believability
and are reticent to give away their "secret" lest you cease
from purchasing their products, seminars, etc.??

#     I was wondering if there is a tome that lay out the 
# beliefs, (forgive me for being raised a christian and having 
# the Bible as an all in one instructional text).

there are Christian tantrics (de facto). George Washington
Savory is decent, though I'm not sure how easily his books
are to acquire. there are many Hermetic Christians who like
tantra. you could try Francis King's "Tantra for Westerners"
and see if it yields any value. I'd love to see a review of
this text, perhaps we'd be able to discuss its high and low

#     I am interested to learn, as my own beliefs are in 
# question and I search for what feels right, as well as 
# hoping to teach myself as a theologen

questioning beliefs is often beneficial, I find. you may
discover a number of individuals vying for your attention
and conversion here. beware!
#     If anyone can help me find tomes and knowledge, or 
# would be willing to teach an ignorant student, please 
# feel free to respond here or through email.

there are two files I can think of off-hand:

# It is hard to gain information here as it seems most 
# everyone is simply bickering about which belief is right...... 

I usually figure that the fervor with which the believer
maintains she is right is an indication of how uncertain
in hir opinions she truly is.

# guess I should have thought that as it is a belief, 
# which one day I hope to understand.

some say that tantra is not at all belief and cannot ever
be understood. be ready for anything in the study of the

om krim namah kaliya
emailed replies may be posted; cc replies if response desired

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