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Jimson Weed

From!miwok!!!!!!cholden Mon Apr 28 09:30:36 1997
Newsgroups: alt.magick
From: Clay Holden 
Subject: Re: Jimson Weed
Organization: The John Dee Publication Project
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Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 06:12:57 GMT
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joshua geller  wrote:
: In article ,
: Charla J. Williams  wrote:
: >PStuart ( wrote:

: >: Jimson weed is probably legal in most areas. HOWEVER, it is NOT
: >: recommended as a recreational substance -- and only with great care as a
: >: magickal ally. 

: >A guy brought datura to a pagan gathering in the Jemez Mountains
: >in New Mexico at the full moon / Lammas in 1982.  He passed it around
: >at night after the main ritual.  I did not ingest it but did talk to
: >a couple of folks who did.

: >They nearly took 2 people out of there that night to the hospital but
: >they made it through to the morning.  An older gentleman had physical
: >repurcussions for the next 6 months.

: sounds like an outstanding evolutionary tool to me.

: just leave them to die next time. future generations will thank you.

: josh

Sorry, Josh, but this sort of smart-ass vindictive response serves the 
needs of nobody, and does not informatively address the issue.

I understand the attitude, but you do nobody a favor by taking such a 
vindictive and uninformed posture.

My experience with the datura family includes both propogation and 
experimentation with both Jimson Weed and several varieties of Datura 

First of all, they are beautiful plants to cultivate and enjoy. The 
flowers (beautiful in their own right, regardless of species) give off a 
beautiful and intoxicating fragrance.

My experience is with smoking the leaves of the plants. This gives one 
the ability to closely observe and modify one's dosage, which one cannot 
when ingesting the seeds or roots.

For the record, I have usually smoked the dried leaves, but have also 
mixed the crushed seeds in with marijuana buds. The experience this way 
is fairly easy to control, but is certainly not one to be taken lightly.

Whatever one may think of Carlos Castaneda, the remarks he attributes to 
Don Juan with regard to the Datura family are not without merit.

One may also benefit from reading _The Witch's Garden_ by Harold A. 
Hansen, (c)1978 Unity Press (ISBN 0-913300-47-0), which addresses the use 
of solanaceous drugs in the history of European witchcraft, and _Plants 
of the Gods: Origins of Hallucinogenic Use_ by Richard Evans Schultes and 
Albert Hoffman (c)1979 by McGraw-Hill, (ISBN 0-912383-37-2), which puts 
their use into a larger ethnobotanical framework.

The uninformed use of dangerous entheogens is indefensible.

Your mileage may vary, and I am in no way endorsing the use of any 
illegal or dangerous drugs. These comments only represent my personal 


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