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Glass: LSD Jesus

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Subject: Glass: LSD Jesus
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There is a Catholic crucifix hanging over my bed. I got it after my 
ex-husband's aunt died. She was a strict Irish Catholic who attended mass 
every day. It was the crucifix hanging over her bed.  Charles (ex-husband) 
and I placed it on a side table in the living room of our house in 
Amherst.  I began to really hate looking at that symbol of the dying 
Jesus.  My wish was to put him to rest and ever allow him to resurrect 
again.  He needed to DIE, go back to the earth and let the bacteria 
recycle his flesh.  I felt that his spirit would resurrect again in 
other beings who found the courage to speak for truth and love.  
But this being's name would never be Jesus Christ, the son of God.

The last time I did LSD, I was alone in my room.  After I could no longer 
focus on the I-net, I turned off the lights and laid underneath the 
crucifix. Sexual images of all sorts wouldn't stop flowing in my head.  
Every man and woman whom I had ever met I wanted to have sex with.  
My hips started moving, by breast bursting to be sucked!  What was 
stopping me from going to the closest bar or cybersex channel and finding 
someone to fuck me all night long?  I could see myself standing up on the 
bar counter pleading with the men, "fuck, fuck, FUCK me -- 
please FUCK me!  I have uncontrollable lust!"

Now, why did I find these mortal men so unsatisfying and distasteful after 
the fucking was over?  Then I thought back to the God in the flesh, the 
psychedelic Jesus hovering over my bed.  The closet door in my room 
mysteriously opened.  I imaged it to be a door to a different dimension.
The ghost of Jesus entered my door and kissed my cheek.

"I will make you holy" he whispered in my ear.  "Jesus," I said.  
"I need the real thing, not some dead spirit who comes to me now and 
then so that I can masturbate to your spirit!  I am sick and tired of 
masturbating to you!"  

Then I had a flashback to all my former lifetimes in nunneries.  All of 
us nuns were secretly masturbating to the holy spirit of Jesus. Some 
of us went so far as to stick crosses up our vaginas and masturbate 
with it until our flesh was oozing with blood.  Then we would put 
the blood on the palms of our hands, go into the chapel and kneel 
before the King in Heaven who we were living to unite with at death.  
Jesus was in total control of our eros. He was controlling the very 
essence of the life force within us. Then I realized that he had 
brainwashed the majority of us.

How as I going to free myself from the being a sex slave of Jesus?
Help! I am living for love but know not where to find Him!


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