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DHutchinsonn: Sex Machines

From: (nagasiva)
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Subject: DHutchinsonn: Re: Sex Machines (Sybian)
Date: 23 Nov 1995 09:31:36 -0800
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[from (Dave Hutchison)] (Sandy Beach) wrote:
>If you have any personal experiences (sitting on your mom's washing
>machine during the spin cycle, riding your bike, the Sybian) or can
>supply good bibliographic references, please email them to me.  If I
>get enough interest I will try to get a new group started,
Sybian is referred to as the best ever orgasm aid for women.  I believe it
can be valuable to many women and offer to answer any questions or discuss
it with anyone interested.

I first became interested in Sybian from the 94 Lifestyles convention where
I was a presenter (on biblical sexuality issues not Sybian)). In a Sybian
workshop, 3 women  from the audience demonstrated it. Their response was
...deafening...due to the screams of ecstasy of the women.  I do intimacy
and sexual counseling, especially with sexual abuse victims, as well as
with women who have difficulty having orgasm, as well as normal multi-
orgasmic women.  It is also a therapeutic tool that can help women learn
more about their orgasmic response and to learn to be multi-orgasmic with
their partner once they are sensitized by Sybian.

One of the results of the "sexual revolution" is the acceptance by women
that they have the physical capacity for unlimited sexual response, a
desire for sex that is equal to or greater than that of men, and the same
right to sexual fulfillment.  It is generally accepted by most health
professionals that orgasmic release is one method of reducing stress which
in turn provides women a much happier life.  It also seems that good deep
orgasms (especially G-spot stimulated) help relieve the discomfort of
menstrual cramps.

For most women Sybian provides the "best ever" G-spot, full body, deep,
powerful orgasms.  Also sensitizes the G-spot so responsive to partner in
normal sex, or for sexual therapy, can help a woman achieve a deep orgasm
that may be inhibited due to medications or emotional blocks related to
sexual abuse or other factors. I especially like  Sybian since you can
retain physical intimacy with your partner, while maximizing a woman's

If any one has an interest in discussing further, I would welcome

Dave, Liberated Christians, Phoenix Az
Teaching Positive Intimacy and Women Centered Sexuality
Exposing False Traditional Biblical Teachings
For Free Info request from

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