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Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 23:47:41 -1000
From: Angela_Kahealani 
Newsgroups: alt.magick.tantra
Subject: Chakras

The "Seals" are also known as "Chakras" in Sanskrit*. The Seven
Seals are the seven major in-body aetheric (spiritual) energy
centers in the human body. These are arranged up and down the
length of the spine. In the Judeo-Christian traditions the
esoteric knowledge about these are contained in the Cabala.
Both the Jewish and Christian churches have suppressed the
teachings of the Cabala which was once integrated in their
religious traditions. The Kaballah became a teaching given only
to the monks, the ministers, the priests, the rabbis. You cannot
study much of Yoga or Kundalini without dealing with the chakras

In our evolution as human beings (within one lifetime), we start
out bonded with mother for the first seven years dealing with
first chakra issues of survival, the issues of the root chakra.
>From ages 7 to 14 we are dealing with the issues of the 2nd
chakra, the spleen center and bond with father. From ages 14 to
21 we deal with the issues of the third chakra, the hora, the
solar-plexus... power, and we bond with peers. From ages 21 to
28 we deal with the issues of the fourth chakra, the "heart"
chakra, and bond with a mate. From 28 to 35 we deal with the
issues of the 5th (throat) chakra, communications and
creativity, and we seek self love. From 35 to 42 we deal with
issues of the 6th chakra, the third eye, the ajna center,
clairvoyant seeing, visions, mid-life crisis, and our bonding is
with our own spirit. From 42 to 49 we work on opening the crown
chakra on the top of the skull, our direct connection with
God/Spirit, and we bond with the divine source.

The chakras correspond to primary endocrine glands, combined
with collocated nerve plexi. The root chakra is the bottom of the
spine. The second chakra may relate to gonads as well as spleen,
sexuality and reproduction. The solar plexus deals with a group
of endocrine glands governed by the adrenals. The "heart" chakra
is actually the thymus gland located just on top of the heart
organ, but more centered. The throat chakra is the thyroid
gland. The 6th and 7th chakras in the head are the pineal and
pituitary glands. The crown chakra is at the top of the skull
and actually protrudes partially above the skull, not being
fully "in body".

If you study the Kaballah you will discover that the paths
between the sephiroth are mapped via the Tarot. If you study
acupuncture or anything else which brings you to the Chinese
meridian system, you will see a map of the major aetheric energy
pathways in the body, the minor chakras, and the 7 major chakras

One of the reasons the chakras are referred to as "seals" is
that in the young person, they are all closed, sealed. The
process of enlightenment, awakening, spiritual growth is to open
those chakras working from the base of the spine upward. As the
seals are opened, the corresponding increase in levels and
dimensions of awareness unfold. This corresponds also with the
raising of the Kundalini energy up the spine.

Until we reach a sufficient age... Until we develop a sufficient
spiritual practice of meditation/prayer... we need the guidance
of "rules" and "culture" to guide our lives. The Bible has
provided a version of this to carry a large group of humanity
through the dark ages. As we move from the age of Pisces into
the age of Aquarius (out of the Kali Yuga through the Diamond
Yuga into the New Age of Heaven on Terra) it becomes easier for
each and every human to be spiritually awake, rather than only
the priests and monks and initiates of the variety of spiritual
traditions. Once you are reborn spiritually awake seeing spirit
directly, you will have no use for outside authority, for the
authority of God will be consciously dwelling within

Notice that in biblical times that the actual physical life span
of most humans didn't get much over 30 years of age, therefore
few had the opportunity to become enlightened. Most could only
get up to the heart (4th) seal opening before dying. This is
precisely why Christ came to teach us about heart based love,
because that was the most advanced message we were capable of
learning at the time. Buddha came to teach us about mind.

While there are many books which teach the chakra system, I have
found none which did a better job of linking the aetheric chakra
system with the endocrine system with the emotional states of
humans than Isha Schwaller de Lubicz' "The Opening of The Way -
A Practical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Egypt" ISBN

If you explore the missing 13 years of Christ, you will discover
that he had travelled through India to Tibet and other eastern
locations to study yoga and to become an adept/avatar/master.
When he returned to the Mediterranean area he taught all he had

Notice that the 7-year per seal evolution of the soul in the body
is the typical path; your timing may vary.

* Sanskrit, the oldest written surviving interpretable language
on earth known to humans, dating at least 5000 years ago.

All Rights Reserved & Copyright 1998 by Angela Kahealani. .

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