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Blood in Lovespells and Ritual Magic

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Subject: Blood in Lovespells and Ritual Magic
Date: 6 Feb 1999 00:24:22 -0800
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49990206 IIIom

a correspondent wrote:
# I read this page that you wrote about the menstr. blxxd. 
# Would you please email me with some specific info.
# The affects the blxxd has on the men.

reputed aphrodisiac, presumed magical elixir (love potion).
sometimes used as a compelling or controlling fluid.

# Does an individual has to do it on a regular basis for it to have its
# affect.

usually spells are suggested as single incident effects, but of
course this depends on the susceptability of the intended target
as well as the power of the individual casting the spell.  there
are sequential, building spells of course, and the items which
one is able to acquire from the target's personal sphere can aid
in the overall result.

# Does the blxxd have to be fresh if you want to use it in someones 
# coffee or can it be frozen.

fresh is likely best.  'have to's in magic are not usually very
common except among those who wish to sell you something. ;>

# How long does it take to have its desired affect.

variable. take alternative steps as well, such as romantic
and/or merely friendly behaviors, cultivate interpersonal
contact, conventionally attractive styles coincident with
the target's socioeconomic class, study up on 'pleasing 
your lover' or 'landing your mate' tactics. make the magic
a 'spin' on an overall romantic assault to achieve your goal,
including waiting patiently where this is warranted.  

more importantly, imagine your perfect partner's qualities
and list them all on a piece of paper, outside the context
of this relationship or magic in general. place everything
that you can imagining being perfect for you on this list.
contemplate it deeply. consider carefully what social groups
and activities such an individual would engage.  consider
whether your intended target is the right one for you.  
it could be an error you will long regret if you haven't
refined your ability to predict the quality of a match.
once you have that ideal partner in mind, call inwardly to
them and expect them to appear in your life within the
near future.

once you are sure you have found them, examine what kind 
of person your target is attracted to, subtlely conform to 
this in minute ways, then spin the interaction using 
menstrual blood behind the ears or under the armpits 
during interactions or unobtrusively introduced into
food prepared especially for the target (preferrably their
favorite food -- food can sometimes conceal the aphrodisiac
more easily than a liquid*).

additional steps one might take are active spellwork with
herbs, candles, anointing oils, recited text or extemporaneous
lyric describing the effects. some grimoires and sources
unconcerned with coersion mention the power of the breath
and its intoxicating effect upon the target of one's love
(once he breathes of your charged exhalation he may be
ensorcelled into bed, where the real binding may take place).

# I have been curious about this but there is not a lot of 
# info on that i can find.

love spells (whether using menstrual blood or not) are one of
the most common types of magical endeavor. there may be some
reason to think that blood may not be enough -- that perhaps
a certain level of sexual excitation (and the excretion of
certain sexual chemicals, pheremones, whatever) may be an
important element of the bloody potion you are going to create.

my partner catya and I are setting about creating a reservoir 
of spells of various types (these of which we're speaking being 
'red -- sex/love').  these will be built atop the following 
spell compilation:

there was a thread recently in alt.magick.tantra on the use
of menstrual blood in magic and religion.  you may wish to
consult Dejanews searching on 'menstrual blood' in that Usenet
newsgroup and/or see the couple of files that I archived at:

blessed beast!
 * -- note that "bloody cookies", as my Mystress Peggy calls
      them in alt.magick, are an important part of what those
      in the Thelemic community call their 'Gnostic Mass'
      after Aleister Crowley and his Satanic woman-on-the-
      altar style.
-- (emailed replies may be posted); cc me replies;;

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